13 Apps You Need to Download Before Your Next Flight

Flight Board

Flight Board can help you quickly check if your flight was on-time.

It’s very easy to use. It determines the location of your nearest major international airport and shows you the appropriate arrival and departure screens. You can search by name using a list of more than 10000 airports across the globe.

It will tell you if a flight has arrived yet, what terminal it is at and even where your luggage is located. The best part? It’s completely free. It is Android-only at the moment.

Android, free


The security line at US airports can be frustratingly long.

You may be wondering how miserable it is to wait for your flight. That’s an important question that can determine whether you make your flight or stand frustratedly at the metal detector watching your plane fly overhead.

MIFlight makes this possible. This app provides information about the estimated wait time for any given moment as well as what passengers are experiencing. This allows you to know how much pain and delay you might have before you even leave your house.

iOS. Free


Feeling hungry? Knowing where you can find food in large airports is not an easy task.

Grab takes care of all those problems. The app allows you to see available food options near you, whether you’re at the gate or somewhere else. If you have specific requirements, you can also search for a restaurant by name or food type.

After finding what you like, you can search the menu to order your meal from the app. Once you’ve found what you want, follow the directions to the restaurant to order and pick up the food. This saves time and energy, which are often limited at airports.

Grab can also be connected to Concur by business travelers, accelerating the reimbursement process.

iOS or Android, free



Don’t wait too long at the airport before or during your flight. Take advantage of this downtime to bring your body into alignment with your final destination.

Entrain by the University of Michigan is a project that monitors your circadian rhythms, checks your destination’s daylight hours, and makes recommendations for how to adjust your body clock.

The app compares your current schedule with the schedule at your destination to determine the day/night cycle. After that, it makes suggestions for you to make the right transition.

These guidelines may sometimes be hard to follow. It can be hard to find total darkness in airports. If you are seen reaching into a cleaning cabinet, you could get in trouble. You still have it handy. A partial adjustment can help you avoid looking like a zombie walking the streets of a new town.

iOS or Android, free

Priority Pass

Layovers are a common occurrence. But, that doesn’t mean you need to be miserable. Instead, try to avoid the screaming children by sitting in a painful plastic chair for hours.

There is a better alternative. It’s simply lounge access. PriorityPass if you are not flying business class but don’t have a status with your airline.

The program offers access to over 1300 lounges across the globe and all the comforts such as Wi Fi, comfortable chairs and privacy.

If you have work to complete, prefer the food and drinks at no cost to the terminal, or just desire some quiet and peace, this is a great investment.

The app provides details about the location of available lounges and gives you instructions for finding them. You can get a digital card from many lounges to replace your old one. The app will also show you where they are located.

iOS, Android, Free (membership cost $99-$429/year).

Lounge Buddy

As a side note, use your personal information (frequent flier details, airline status and independent membership programs) to let you know which airport lounges you have entry to.

If you can’t access any of the lounges for free, you can also buy day passes to allow you into those lounges. LoungeBuddy has acquired LoungeBuddy. Previously, anyone could purchase passes.

One of the most valuable features is independent reviews by other travelers. If you have access or are interested in finding out which lounge is best for you, you can do so quickly.

Unfortunately, the Android App has been discontinued. However if the iPhone is yours and you have an Amex account, you will still be able to use the service.

iOS. Free


FLIO is an app for airport navigation that has many similarities to other apps. It offers access to airport lounges and airport maps. Its extraordinary help ability in getting you online makes it standout.

FLIP will instantly connect you to the WiFi network once you have arrived at the airport. FLIO does all the work behind the scenes. It makes sure that you’re connected to the right network and doesn’t require you to complete any sign-up forms.

Other features of the app are worth looking into, including directions to airport gates in the fastest way, as well as deals on food at each airport.

iOS or Android, free

Wifi Map

WifiMap will help you get to the internet when you are at an airport and have no other options.

This app can help you find available networks in over 100 different countries. It does not just offer public networks. It’s not uncommon to find passwords uploaded by other users when you need them.

You can also use the free version to look up where you are traveling (country/city, or particular place) and pre populate the information for offline access. While the Pro version of the app limits the amount you can save for later, it allows you to cache an entire city.

This is a great tool for those who are traveling without cell data and need to find a hotspot. Wifi Map prides itself on having the most active Wi Fi community. Participants constantly add new information to the network.

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