Why Can’t I Skip Ads On YouTube? (7 Reasons, Fixes)

YouTube is today’s most popular video platform.

It is almost impossible to live without it.

Unskippable ads are one example of a feature that can be irritating to some people.

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People don’t want to be bombarded with ads they can’t skip.

Why can’t I skip ads on YouTube? (7 Reasons, Fixes)

You have reached the right place if you use YouTube and can’t seem to skip ads.

These are the top causes of problems and what you can do to fix them.

1. Target Audience – Getting ads to the target audience

YouTube introduced unskippable ads because most people weren’t seeing any ads.

This is why the company paid for the ad slot in the first place.

YouTube ads are not likely to be seen by the intended audience so why spend money?

This was the main problem YouTube faced, and is why they introduced unscrapable ads.

The company is looking to generate income and advertises as its primary source of revenue.

YouTube will not survive if this revenue source is gone.

Not all ads can be skipped.

While you can skip many ads after watching a portion of the video, you cannot skip some.


YouTube may have created an inexplicable ad, but there is no way to fix it.

Only after the ad has ended, can you start watching your video.

You can also wait to see if the ad can be skipped and then continue watching your video.

2. Supporting content creators

YouTube ads can’t be skipped because it wants to support content creators in every way possible.

YouTube feels it unfair that content creators have to work so hard to make videos that are helpful to viewers in many different ways.

If people skip ads, they will not get anything in return for all their hard work.

YouTube’s ad strategy was changed in 2018. It ensured that users saw the hard work of content creators and did not allow them to skip ads.

As more people are aware of content creators on YouTube, it has helped them increase their YouTube earnings.

YouTube now allows creators to earn money by showing ads that are not visible in videos.


YouTube is committed to helping content creators.

You can install an ad blocking plugin on your browser if you don’t like the ads and want to get rid of them.

Many are available online. You can do a quick Google search to find one.

These ad blockers ensure that ads are not displayed while you watch videos on YouTube.

It will simplify your life and save you time.

Make sure to read the reviews and to download an ad blocker you can use for many years.

3. Problem with your browser

There are some ads you cannot skip, but there are also skippable ads.

If that is not possible, your browser might have a problem.

This can be checked by opening the same video in a different browser to see if there is a skippable advertisement.

To make the ads skippable, you will need to fix the browser issue.

This issue will be resolved and you won’t have to deal anymore with YouTube ads that are not viewed.


Most likely, the browser plugin extensions that you have are the cause of any browser problems.

These extensions can make YouTube ads unskippable.

You can fix this problem by disabling browser extensions.

To check if the skip button appears for you,

To identify which extension is causing ads problems, make sure you check each extension individually.

YouTube allows you to close this extension at any time.

4. Advertisers earn more

YouTube won’t let you skip ads because they want to help their advertisers.

YouTube ads are a popular choice for advertisers and marketers because they increase brand awareness and generate more revenue. People tend to make purchases after watching YouTube videos.

Advertisers don’t want to watch these videos if they don’t have the time.

YouTube has created unskippable ads in order to make sure advertisers get value for their money.

Advertisers will move to other places if they don’t have this revenue. This will also impact the YouTube revenue from these ads.

These reasons are why you won’t find a skip ad button in the lower-right corner on your YouTube video.


You can’t skip the ad if you don’t see it in the YouTube video’s bottom right corner.

In such cases, you will need to wait until the ad is finished before you can start watching your video.

If such a button doesn’t appear, it is likely that you have not been given that option by the advertiser or content creator.

The adblocker option can be used if that happens. However, it might not work in all cases.

Most likely, you’ll just have to ignore the advertisement and let it go before you can start watching your YouTube video.

5. Support Content Creators to Maintain Their Channels

Content creators are hard workers and must be able to maintain their YouTube channel for long-term revenue.

YouTube ads can be skipped or you won’t view videos that have unskippable ads. The content creator may lose revenue.

YouTube viewers won’t view the unskippable ads if they don’t like them.

YouTube has therefore only released unskippable ads in order to assist content creators with generating revenue through their channel.

These ads allow them to sustain the channel and continue rolling out new content.

This is why you should watch the video.


We have already said that there is no solution to this problem. You will need to see the ad the content creator has posted on their channel.

It takes only a few seconds and you will help your favorite content creators stay online and create even more content.

They need your support to keep their channel running.

You can still do other things with your browser or mobile while the video is playing, even if it’s not what you want.

This will be a benefit to the content creator, and it will ensure that you don’t watch the video for too long.

Both sides will win.

6. The Advertiser or Creator Has Chosen The Unskippable Option

YouTube does not decide if you get a skippable or non skippable video.

This decision lies between the advertiser and the content creator.

You can choose whether you want to see an ad that you can skip or not.

If the skip ad button is not visible in the bottom right corner of the page, this means that the advertiser or content creator has made a decision that you must watch the ad.

This is why you won’t be able to skip the video, no matter what you do.

Advertisers lose revenue when ads get skipped. This is why they can remove skip options for viewers.


This is even if the advertiser or content creator has disabled the option of skipping ads.

You can’t wait to watch the ad and then you’ll be able to continue your video later.

To stop ads from appearing in your browser, you can install an extension.

These extensions may not always be effective. This is why it takes some trial and error to find one that skips ads for you.

The adblocker extension can be used to block ads.

If this doesn’t happen, it means that you can’t skip watching the ad and will have to continue watching it regardless.

7. Greater Brand Awareness

YouTube’s unskippable ads are another way to increase brand awareness for your favorite products.

YouTube ads are a great way to discover new businesses.

Marketers reap the benefits of higher brand awareness by watching ads. This is why some ads are impossible to miss.

This can be frustrating and annoying.

AdBlock can be used to block ads.

You must support your favorite content creators and pay attention to the ads. This will affect the sustainability of the channel.


You don’t have to feel guilty for using AdBlocker, but you can still support your favorite content creators.

AdBlock can be used to support YouTube channels you love.

This can be done by allowing advertisements to appear on the channels that you select.

This setting will automatically pause AdBlock whenever you view content from your favorite creators.

The extension will block all other ads so you don’t have the distraction of watching ads from every YouTuber.

This is a great way to support YouTubers you like so they can continue creating amazing content.

The Fixes You Need to Stay Ad-Free

You are now more familiar with the reasons and solutions to specific ads. There are also general ways that you can avoid them completely.

These are the top YouTube hacks that will make YouTube ad-free in no time.

1. Switch to YouTube Premium

You can switch to the Premium version if you get tired of YouTube’s ads and other features.

Subscribers will enjoy better YouTube experiences thanks to the subscription service.

YouTube Premium’s best feature is the fact that you can use YouTube Premium ad-free.

The platform allows you to watch the content and videos that you love without having to worry about advertisements.

YouTube Premium is not available for free. You will need to pay each month to enjoy these services.

Pricing for the premium version starts at $11.99/month for an individual plan.

The price for adding more users will rise depending on how many you have.

This version will allow you to remove ads and continue enjoying videos without worrying about ads.

2. Choose a good browser

Although a browser can’t completely remove ads, it can help you skip them quicker and save some time.

Opera and Google Chrome are the best browsers to watch your YouTube videos.

Google Chrome is a popular browser that’s easy to use and almost everyone uses it.

Google Chrome is a better browser for YouTube ads because it allows you to target viewers more effectively than other browsers.

It also offers fast speeds and little buffering.

This will ensure that you don’t have to wait too long for the video and that the ads load faster.

You can also check if your browser extension is blocking you from skipping ads on YouTube.

This browser problem can be fixed and you will be able to view your favorite content.

Opera, on the other hand, is a great browser to watch YouTube videos.

Opera has pop-out videos which can be viewed in separate frames.

This browser has an integrated ad blocker that will help you block unwanted ads.

You won’t have to spend any money or time on AdBlock extensions.

You can opt for the built in adblocker included with Opera browser. This will allow you to block YouTube ads you do not want to see.

Opera can be used to block ads if you’re using another browser.

Do You Want to Skip YouTube Ads?

The big question is whether you should ignore YouTube ads that appear.

If you wish to support your favorite content creators, we recommend you continue to watch these ads.

It is a small donation, but it will make a difference in helping them create more content.

It is free and takes only a few seconds to watch ads.

If you want to help others on YouTube, such support is essential.

Even if the ad isn’t for you, it can be played before you do other things. It won’t take up too much time and will benefit someone else.


We have compiled a comprehensive guide to the top YouTube unskippable ads, and why they are so important.

Every platform hopes to make money and help others through their platform.

If you’re a YouTuber, you can upgrade to the premium version to avoid seeing any ads.

You can choose an ad blocker if you don’t use YouTube as much. This will allow you to block ads while you watch videos.

You can also let the ad play while you wait for the video to finish.

This will allow you to financially support your favorite content creators and will result in more quality content.


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