Top 10 Best Punjabi Singers to Rock Your Parties and Playlists (2022)

Punjabi music is a well-loved and popular regional music genre in India. It is well-known for its catchy tunes, infectious beats, and infectious music. Continue reading to learn more about the Punjabi music industry.

A Punjabi flavor can make any song more interesting, whether it’s old folk songs or contemporary party anthems.

This list contains the 10 most influential Punjabi songs that will transform your party playlist.

Sidhu Moose Wala

Sidhu Moose Wala is an Indian Punjabi music producer, singer, lyricist and actor. His amazing music sense makes him a sensation.

Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu is the son of a Punjabi Sikh couple. Born in 1990, Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu was a Punjabi Sikh boy. Ninja sang the song “License”. His first single, ‘G Wagon’, reached the top of Billboard’s Canadian Albums Charts.

License is one of his most loved songs. He will be starring in his first film as an actor for Punjabi Film.

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Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh may be the most famous name in Punjabi Music and Rap. Honey Singh might be the most popular Indian musician.

He was born in Punjab to a Sikh family. Hirdesh Singh is his real name. He started his career as an artist and then became a Bhangra music producer. Honey Singh is also a Bollywood actor. His lyrics are sexist and abusive towards women and the society.

He was unable to perform in the music industry due to his bipolar disorder. He returned to the music business in 2018 but was unable to perform due to his bipolar disorder.


Babbu Maan

Popularly known as Babbu Maan (or Tejinder Maan), Tejinder Maan is a popular Punjabi singer. He is known for his soulful lyrics and heartfelt songs. He has also released singles and albums such as Saaun di Jadidi, Saaun di Jhadi, and Ohi Chann Ohi Rataan. Mera Gham, Talaash: In Search of Soul. Hawayein.

He has written screenplays, acted in Punjabi movies such as Hawayein and Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean. Hashar, Hero Hitler In Love, Desi Romeos. Banjara.

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Dr Zeus

British-Indian-born music producer and composer Dr Zeus is also known by his Indian-born name, the Indian-born Zeus. He returned to India after his songs became a huge hit in India.

When he was signed to Envy Music Label, Birmingham, Zeus started his music production career. He produced many albums. His first solo album, Deathjamm, was a success. He released a song called “Sat Sri Akaal” from his next album Back Unda Da Influence. It reached No.1 in the BBC music charts. So he returned to India and released the single “Lovely” from the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Happy New Year.

High Life and Unda Da Influence, as well as Back Unda Da Influence, are his most-listened to tracks.

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Millind Gaba

Millind Gaba is one of India’s most well-known musicians.

Millind, a well-known musician and music producer who was born in Delhi, is now a popular actor and singer.

He collaborated with major names like Guru Randhawa to create the album Yaar Mod Do. Some of his most popular songs include Nazar lag Jayegi and Yaar Mod do.


Hardy Sandhu

Hardy Sandhu is another well-known Punjabi singer and rapper.

Hardy Sandhu started his career as a studio musician. But he didn’t enjoy his job. His songs “Soch”, (2013) and “Joker,” (2014) were blockbusters. However, he became famous for producing some incredible tracks like Joker, Naah, and Kya Baat Ay.

His songs have been used in many Bollywood movies.

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Sukhe is a well-known Indian music producer and lyricist.

Sukh E, or Sukh E Muzical Drz, is also known as Sukh E. He was born in Punjab. Sukhdeep Sing is his real name. He is a popular Punjabi singer and songwriter. Sniper, his first single with Raftaar was his breakthrough hit. His next album Jaguar was his breakthrough hit. It featured Bohemia.

Sniper, and Jaguar are his best-known songs.


Ikka Singh

Ikka, also known as Ikka Sing is a well-known Punjabi singer and is much more popular in Bollywood.

Ankit Singh Patyal, aka Ikka, was born in Punjab to a middle class family. His fame and success is attributed to his father, Ankit Singh Patyal (aka Ikka) who was born in Punjab to a middle-class family. Young Amli was his pseudonym. He collaborated with many major artists like Badshah, Raftaar and Lil Golu. He recorded many hits in Bollywood.

Some of his most popular tracks include In da Club, Bad Girl, Night out, and Paani Wala Dance. Chamma Chamma 2.0 remakes Kamariya and Oh Ho Oh Ho. Tequila Shot, Teddy Bear.

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AKA, an Indian singer/music producer, is one the most underrated Punjabi singers.

A Kay, also known as Amrinder Singh Khokar was born in Mohali (Punjab) to a middle-class Sikh couple. He didn’t consider singing a career and did it only as a hobby. It was a huge success.

His most popular tracks are The Lost Life, and Brown Boi.


Jass Manak

JassManak is India’s rising star of music and is currently the hottest sensation.

In 2018, he released “Without You” but it was “Prada”, his song, that became India’s most-loved song.

Without You and Lehanga are his most loved tracks.

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Garry Sandhu

Garry Sandhu is another name that you’ll find when looking for the best names in Punjabi music and rap.

Gurmukh Sing, also known as Garry Sandhu is an actor, music producer and lyricist. Fresh Media Records is his music label.

His singing debut came in 2010 with “Main Ni Peenda”, and he was immediately in the spotlight. In 2019, his song Yeah Baby, which was originally written by him, was remade in “Hauli Hauli” for the Ajay Devgn starrer De Pyar De.

He loves Like You and Main Ni Peenda.

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Satinder Sartaaj

Satinder Sartaaj is a talented singer-songwriter and poet hailing from Punjab.

Sai was his first hit. Sartaaj Live. Tere Qurbaan. Rangrez – The poet in Colors. Hamza – A Sufiana Ecstasy.

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Guru Randhawa 

Guru Randhawa is a Punjabi singer who has taken over Bollywood with his catchy music and original music.

Patola, Lahore and Slowly Slowly are his most popular tracks. He has many other Punjabi songs on his YouTube channel.

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Badshah, another Punjabi singer, has ruled Bollywood. Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia was his original name.

Other songs include Kar Gayi Chull, Saturday Saturday, and Yo Yo Honey Singh. He is a well-known composer and singer.

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Diljit Dosanjh

He is a well-known actor and singer from Jalandhar. His roles include stars in Bollywood films like Udta Punjab or Phillauri. Diljit Diljit Dosanjh is also well-known. His music has won hearts long before he entered Bollywood filmmaking.

He has released numerous singles and albums, including Ishq Da Uda Ada. Smile, Mel Karade Rabba. Chocolate. He has also appeared in many Punjabi movies including Jatt and Juliet. Ambarsariya. Shadaa. Punjab 1984. Follow him on social media to hear his music.

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Emiway BATI, the current sensation within the Indian music industry. He was born Bilal Sheikh in Karnataka and was raised in an Islamic family. He began rapping just for fun.

Very few people know that music and rap saved him from serious depression after he failed his 12th standard. Raftaar was also involved in some serious controversy.

Some of his most memorable hits are Machayenge, Samajh Mein Aayakya and Machayenge Phir Se, Sadak and Aisa Kuch Nahi Hai.

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If you don’t love Punjabi music or raps, you won’t be considered a true music fan. His raps, which often address social consciousness, are his most popular.

His professional career started as part of Mafia Mundeer’s urban music group. Yo Yo Honey Singh founded the group.

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Dino James

Dino James may be India’s most underrated rapper. His music has won him many fans on YouTube.

Dino hails from Bhopal. Dino is from Bhopal. He is a frequent user of YouTube. His songs have a social message and are very popular. His lines are inspirational!

Unstoppable is his most-loved track.

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Jassi Gill

Jassi Gill, a Punjabi actor and singer, was first known for the song Chudiyan. Batchmate 2, his second album, was even more successful and made him a prominent figure in Punjabi music.

Other songs include Classmate and Lancer, Nakhra and Pyar Mera. He’s well-known in Punjabi and Bollywood. Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Gippy Grewal

Ludhiana’s star has been part of the Hindi film industry. Some of his most well-known songs are Phulkari 2 and Chakkh Lai.

He is a veteran actor who has appeared in movies like Lucky Di Unlucky Story, Mel Karade Rabba, Lucky Di Unlucky Story, Lucky Di Unlucky Story, Jatt James Bond (Farai), Jihne Mera Dil Luteya, and Lucky Di Unlucky Story.

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Amrinder Gill

He is an actor and singer of Punjabi descent who was born in Canada. Since 2015, he has only been involved in independent films.

Some of his popular music includes Daru, Paigam, Madhaania, Dildarian, Khedan De Din, Judaa, Supna, etc. He co-owns Rhythm Boyz Entertainment, a Punjabi entertainment company. He has acted in films like Ik Kudi Punjab Di and Daddy Cool Munde Fool.

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J Star

J Star, originally called Jagdeep Singh, is a popular Punjabi singer and model. Na Na Na Na Na Na’s song has been viewed over 2,000,000 times on YouTube. Lak Da Hulara, another song he recorded, has also been viewed.

J Star was in the national spotlight after he accused Bollywood movie Raabta of copying his song Main Tera Boyfriend.

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Kulwinder Billa

A popular actor and singer from Punjab. Some of his other musical works are Fer Toh Punjab and Tayari Haian Di.

He also appears in Punjabi movies such as Subedar Joginder Sing and Parahuna. His beautiful looks, impeccable style, and singing talent have earned him millions of fans.

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Pav Dharia 

Pav Dharia is a Sydney-born musician, music director, and producer. He has gained international fame since his debut in 2012.

Na Ja and Mustang Wala Munda are his favorite songs. Watch the Na Ja video on YouTube.

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