Tips to Update Message Center Number in your Android Phone

Update message center number may be required if you are unable to send, but can only receive text messages.

The popularity of VoIP and instant messaging services has made SMS and MMS services less popular. This simple, reliable text messaging is still used by many people. However, some Android users report that they cannot send SMS messages from their phones.

How can you resolve the problem?

Clear caches and use the plane mode

Restarting your device is the best way to resolve an issue with SMS messages not being sent or received. Next, enable and disable the airplane mode quickly. Most people will find the problem solved by these two steps.

Clearing the messages app’s cached data is the third step. You may also be able to get the third-party SMS messaging app reinstalled.

Reset SMS settings

You can send SMS and MMS messages freely through your service provider’s specific set of options. These settings are available as soon as your SIM card is inserted into the tray. It is possible for the settings to change if your SIM card is replaced or a system upgrade occurs. This could cause problems with both outgoing and incoming messages.

Follow these steps to reset SMS settings on Android to their default values

  • Send Open Messages
  • Go to Settings
  • Reset the settings back to factory settings
  • Restart your phone

Update the Mobile Message Center Number

Most people are able to resolve their SMS problems by changing the message center number. These numbers are dependent on the service provider.

What’s a message center number?

Simply put, the message center number is used to handle SMS operations on your mobile phone. It can be found on your SIM card. This number depends on the network operator. Google your provider to confirm the number. These are the steps to follow once you have obtained the number.

  • Open the Messaging App
  • Click on the three dots menu
  • Change the number by selecting the Message Center

How do I update the message center number on android?

  1. Your Android phone should open the messaging app
  2. Go to the “Menu”.
  3. Choose “Advanced Settings” options
  4. Click on the “SMS center number” option
  5. Here you can change or update your new SMS center number
  6. Click the “Save” button
  7. Restart your phone
  8. Your Message Center Number has been successfully updated or set.

Another way to set the number of your message center on Android is to use

  1. Dial up your phone’s dialpad
  2. Dial *#*#4636
  3. Choose Phone Information
  4. Choose SMSC Setting Option
  5. Setup or update the New Message Center Number
  6. Restart your Android phone
  7. Now you can send and receive SMS.

The following are the numbers for a few service providers in India

  1. Airtel Message Center Number: +919895051914
  2. Jio Message Center Number: +917010075009
  3. Vodafone Message Center Number: +919846000040
  4. Idea Message Center Number: +919847099996
  5. BSNL Message Center number: +919440099997

Follow these steps to update your message center number on your Android phone. Then you can start sending/receiving SMS messages.

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