The Best USB and Bluetooth Microphones in 2022

If you have recently had a lot more meetings, social gatherings, job interviews or online job interviews than usual, it is possible that you are not getting the best sound quality. Fear not, other people may feel the same way about you.

Because the microphones built into most phones, tablets, laptops and computers are usually of poor quality, they can’t separate your voice from background sounds. This makes other people’s hearing impaired, making it harder to understand what you’re saying.

There are many ways to avoid repeating yourself and asking for help from others. A Bluetooth microphone, or an external USB microphone, can enhance voice quality and reduce background noise. This is useful in video chats, podcast audio, and for work calls.

Bluetooth and USB microphones can be found at a variety of prices. Here are our picks. You can still find budget models that offer quality and more features for a lower price, although you might be paying more.

Consider these Things When Choosing a USB/Bluetooth Microphone

Bidirectional vs. Cardioid Stereo

There are 4 ways microphones can pick up sound. Also known as their pattern,

A cardioid mic is designed to pick up sound from behind the microphone and ignore noises from anywhere else. This mic can be used to live stream a video game or record in a noisy environment.

These bidirectional mics are able to capture the sound directly in front of and behind it, but not from its sides. This microphone is perfect to conduct one-on-1 interviews.

Omnidirectional microphones pick sound in a 360deg area. This means they capture sound equally from all directions. An omnidirectional microphone is ideal for conferences with many people.

Stereo Mics feature two in-built microphones that pick up sound exactly the way our ears do. This makes it more difficult to record music.

Higher-end mics are often equipped with multiple pickup patterns that allow you to select the sound you wish to capture. Other mics are designed to serve a particular purpose. Make sure you think about your needs before you buy.

Do You Have a Mute Button in It?

These quick-access volume control and mute buttons are great for conference calls. It is important that you mute your phone as quickly as possible if your baby starts crying during Zoom meetings.

Make sure to get a mic with dedicated controls. That way, you can quickly adjust the volume of the mic or muffle it when necessary. It’s quicker than trying desperately to find the volume controls on your phone or tablet.

Is it compatible with your devices?

What devices are you going to use your mic with? Although professional microphones may use a round XLR connector, they won’t be able to plug directly into your laptop or phone.

You’ll likely need an adapter if you choose a mic that isn’t USB or Bluetooth-compatible, and as you might have guessed, we’re really not fans of having too many adapters. We recommend that you use either Bluetooth or USB for all mics.

There are Bluetooth and smartphone microphones. Wireless microphones like these don’t produce the same quality sound as corded, but you can pair them to any Bluetooth-compatible phone without worrying about whether you have the correct cable.

Blue Yeti USB microphone: Best USB microphone

  • USB Connectivity: USB
  • Pickup type Multiple
  • Headphone jack: Yes
  • Mute buttons:
  • Volume management:

$129.99 $89.99 Amazon: Last updated on: 2022 June 18, 2018 at 02.51

Blue Yeti USB Microphone is the best choice. It is stylish, has multiple patterns of pickup (cardioid/omnidirectional, stereo, and stereo), and easy volume and mute buttons.

You have the option to choose your preferred color and shade from half-dozen different combinations.

The Blue Yeti microphone can be easily adjusted to any angle you desire by simply pivoting on the built-in stand. It’s super-sensitive, with clean, crisp, professional-sounding audio whether you’re recording voice or vocals.

The microphone’s sensitivity can cause vibrations to be picked up. To make sure your environment is protected, you might also consider purchasing a boom or shock arm. This USB microphone has been produced for over a year and has enjoyed millions of happy customers.


Fifine USB – The Best USB Microphone at a Budget

SALE Fifine USB Microphone: The Best Budget Choice

  • USB Connectivity
  • Pickup Type: Cardiac
  • Headphone jack: No
  • Mut button:
  • Volume management:

$34.99 $27.99 Amazon: Shop for it Last updated: 2022.06.18 at 02.00

Are you looking to save money? Fifine’s USB Microphone sells for half to a third of the cost of other top-rated mic brands. It still does a good job in many cases. This budget option will be a good choice if you only require the basics and don’t need any premium features.

It has a cardioid microphone pickup pattern. This allows it to only pick up sound that is directly in front of the mic. This makes it an ideal tool for recording yourself in noisy environments.

The mic’s metal exterior has an integrated USB Cable and a small tripod stands in the box. This allows the user to adjust the mic’s angle. You can use the mic with a boomarm and any other tripod or mount using a 5/8’’ screw.

The audio quality is exceptional for the price. It is the perfect option for people who don’t want a microphone or are tight on budget. It can be used to determine if an extra mic is right for your needs, before you spend on a much more expensive model.


Samson Go, the best portable USB microphone

Samson Go, the best portable USB microphone

  • USB Connectivity: USB
  • Pickup type: Cardioid, Omnidirectional
  • Headphone jack: Yes
  • Mut button:
  • Volume controls:

$39.90 Amazon Prime: Last update: 2022.06.18 at 02.00

The Samson Go Mic USB condenser microphone is portable and can be used to record on-the-go. This compact mic can fit into your pocket or day bag with dual pickup patterns (cardioid omnidirectional) as well as a built-in headphone amplifier.

It’s only 3.5 ounces in weight and comes with a soft case to protect it from bumps and scrapes.

It’s also very inexpensive, so it’s a good alternative if you want to test out a microphone before investing more.


RODENT-USB Mini is the Best USB Microphone To Podcast With

Best USB Microphone for Podcasting: RODE NT-USB Mini

  • USB Connectivity: USB
  • Choose type: Heart
  • Headphone jack: Yes
  • Mut button:
  • Volume management:

$99.00 Amazon: Last updated on 2022-06-18, 02:01

RODE is famous for making high quality podcasting microphones. This USB model proves that. The RODE USB Mini cardioid mic comes with additional features, such as an inner pop filter to minimize plosives. These are words that start with a _t. _k. _psound). These features will make you sound professional in interviews, podcasts and Zoom calls.

This is a compact, high quality option for recording directly to a laptop or tablet via USB-C. Magnetic base ensures that the desk stand is securely attached to metal surfaces. The microphone should be approximately 6-8 inches from your mouth.

You can also take the mic out of the desk stand and mount it on an arm or another type stand. RODE sells the highest-quality versions, but the microphone is made with standard 3/8’’ screws if you wish to use mounts of a different brand.

A studio-grade, in-built headphone amplifier is included. The front panel also has a volume control dial for quick access. By pressing the dial, you can toggle between zero-latency or standard audio mode.

Amazon Prime:

Shure’s MV88 is the iPhone’s Best Microphone

SALE Shure’s MV88 iOS Portable Microphone is the best iPhone phone

  • Connectivity: Lightning
  • Type of pickup: Stereo
  • Bluetooth Headphone Jack: Yes (but can also be monitored by Bluetooth)
  • Mut button:
  • Volume controls:

$186.00 $139.00 Amazon. Last updated on 2022-06-18, 02:01

The Shure MV88 iOS Microphone can be used directly with any iOS device using a Lightning cable. An adapter is not required to use an iPhone with the Shure MP88 Portable iOS Microphone. This allows you to take one less thing with you when recording audio.

The mic comes with a small, lightweight carrying case. It will protect it in transit so that you don’t have to worry about putting it in a bag, purse, or backpack. The microphone rotates at 90 degrees so that you can place it wherever you want. Also, there is a removable foam screen to reduce wind noise outside.

Shure has a long-standing reputation for producing high quality microphones. The MV88 is a popular choice for iPhone buyers due to its all-metal build, high-quality stereo sound capture, two-year warranty, and obvious selection.


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Best Bluetooth Mic for Live Streaming: Razer Seiren BT

Razer Seiren BT is best Bluetooth microphone for streaming live video

  • Bluetooth – Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Pickup type: Omnidirectional
  • Headphone jack: Yes
  • Mut button:
  • Volume controls:

$99.99 Amazon Buy Last updated on 2022-06-18, 02:01

Razer recently expanded beyond its gaming roots with the Seiren BT microphone. This lav mic is great for live streamers if Twitch and Instagram Live are important parts of your day.

The rectangular, 14.5g (half-an-ounce) casing can be clipped to your shirt. A simple design, the rectangular casing has power/pairing buttons on each side. The top also features a headphone Jack for wired headphones.

A USB C charging connector is also located on the bottom. The device can last for up to six hours on one charge. This is good battery life for a device that small. It takes around 90 minutes to charge the full amount.

The box includes a pair of windsocks to cut out breath and wind noise. There is one foam version that can be used indoors and one with fur for outside. Razer’s choice for the 3.5mm audio jack location means you must choose between using headphones and a windsock. Sure, there’s a better solution.

Although audio quality is satisfactory, it’s not exceptional. This is why Razer has focused on the live streaming market using this microphone.

Another reason it looks to be in the market is its practicality. You can use apps, such as streaming service, with popular streaming sites and it has Bluetooth microphone capability. The Seiren BT (like Instamic), doesn’t work with Bluetooth microphones.

However, the microphone’s noise-reduction software is where it really shines. The AI noise reducer works extremely well in outdoor environments. It can remove most background noise and allow you to focus on your voice.

This mic is quite specialized and not recommended for everyone. There aren’t many Bluetooth options that can match the quality of this microphone if you live stream regularly, especially outside and in noisy settings.

Amazon: Shop for it

Anker PowerConf is our top-rated Bluetooth speakerphone

Anker PowerConf is our top-rated Bluetooth speakerphone

  • Bluetooth and USB Connectivity
  • Pickup type: Omnidirectional
  • Headphone jack: Yes
  • Mute buttons:
  • Volume management:

$129.00 Amazon: Last updated 2022-06-18, 02:11

Anker PowerConf Bluetooth is a great option for anyone who uses conference calls a lot and needs a cordless speakerphone that doesn’t require hands. This speaker and microphone combo is affordable, and it works well in large rooms.

It features six microphones distributed around the perimeter to allow it to focus on sound from all directions. Powerconf reduces background noise to balance sound levels and accounts for differences between speaking individuals.

Anker’s speakerphone comes with quick-touch controls. This allows you to answer calls, turn off, or change volume. The speakerphone has a maximum battery life of 24 hours and can be used either as a Bluetooth speaker (or as a portable charging battery for your phone).

The PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone is popularly used, but you can also connect it via a USB C cable to other devices or laptops. One is included in the package, as well as a protective bag.

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