The Best Kindle Paperwhite Cases of 2022

Amazon dominates the ebook reader market. The Kindle Whitewhite is arguably its best. It’s small, light, and glare-free.

The Kindle Paperwhites of the most recent generation are also waterproof (IPX8). Although you shouldn’t try to read underwater, it’s possible to protect your device from water splashes, accidental drops, and spillages.

Water resistance is built into the device so heavy-duty cases won’t be necessary. However, it’s important to protect your device from scratches and drops as well as general wear and tear. If you’re not careful, the e-ink screen could be quite fragile.

You should consider where and how frequently you’ll read your Paperwhite case when selecting a Paperwhite cover. How often do you use your Kindle? Do you need to stand it up? It will be used mostly at home or carried around in a purse, backpack, or other small items. What about its aesthetics?

We’ve compiled our picks of the best Kindle Paperwhite covers at the moment. They are based on their price and level of protection.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite WaterSafe Fabric Cover: The Best Overall Case

  • Thickness not specified
  • Materials: Fabric
  • Starter Kit? No
  • Supported Paperwhite Models: 11th-gen only

$29.99 Amazon: Last updated at 17:21 on 2022-06-22

Twelve South BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite is the best full protection case

  • Thickness 1 inch
  • Fabric: Leder
  • The Kickstand? No
  • Supported Paperwhite Mods: 10- and 11-gen

$49.99 Amazon: Last updated at 23:02 on 2022-06-22 CoBak Kindle White Case with Stand is the Best

  • Thickness 0.7 in
  • Material PU Leather
  • The Kickstand? Yes
  • Supported Paperwhite Mods: 10- and 11-gen

$19.95 Amazon: Last updated at 19:52 on 2022-06-22

SALE Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Premium-Leather Cover is the Best Leather Case

  • Thickness 0.5 in
  • Fabric: Leder
  • Starter Kit? No
  • Supported Paperwhite Models: 10th-gen only

$59.99 $44.09 Amazon: Shop for it Last update: 2022-06-22, 17:42

Fintie Slimshell Paperwhite case for Kindle Paperwhite is best for those on a budget

  • Thickness 0.4 in
  • Materials: PPU leather
  • Starter Kit? No
  • Supported Paperwhite Mods: 10- and 11-gen

$13.95 Amazon Buy Last updated at 17:21 on 2022-06-22

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Water-Safe Fabric Case is the best overall case

Amazon has designed the Kindle paperwhite water-safe fabric cover to fit perfectly with the 11th gen Paperwhite Kindle. It is an affordable, simple case that does the job.

The lightweight and slim case adds minimal bulk to your slim E-reader. The firm cover, which is made from a durable fabric similar in texture to soft canvas, is available in three shades: Black Deep Sea Blue, Lavender Haze, and Lavender Haze.

The waterproof Paperwhite is complemented by the water-resistant material. Amazon suggests that you try to keep the material dry. But it will still be strong enough to withstand water. The magnetic cover keeps the top cover in place. Closing the cover turns off the device and opens it back on.

Our only complaint is that the cutouts to access the ports at the top and bottom are almost as wide as the case. This causes a slight decrease in protection around corners where you would expect bumps and drops to occur. The screen, which is the most fragile component, is protected fully.

It’s a very functional and simple case that does a good job, protects well, and it is made by a company that also makes the Kindle. We recommend it as our top Paperwhite-case pick.


  • Magnetic closure
  • Lightweight
  • Water-safe fabric available in three colors
  • Mid-range prices


  • The fabric cover can get frayed with time
  • Amazon logo small on front cover
  • No kickstand
  • Large cutouts are at the top, and bottom.


Twelve South BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite is the best full protection case

The Twelve South BookBook Kindle Paperwhite is a unique case that fits the 11th and 10th-gen Paperwhites. While it isn’t for everyone, the BookBook makes a great case for anyone who needs complete protection.

The Twelve South BookBook case was designed to look vintage, and does a remarkable job. It’s made of genuine leather, which has been purposely distressed with gold foil edges and stitching. Leather naturally wears with time to give it a vintage look.

The zipper opens up to protect the device when not in use. A hardback spine cover and spine provide genuine crush protection. This is an unusual feature. The interior lining of the case is microfiber with an integrated kickstand. As with most Kindle cases, it can be closed or opened to let your device go to sleep.

The downside is the bulky Paperwhite that you will get from all of these extra features and protection. The case weighs 8 ounces and is an inch thick, compared to the Kindle Paperwhite’s 0.3 inches.

Separate BookBooks are available for the Paperwhite 10th- and 11th-gen Paperwhite models. Although they have been going through some stock issues lately, you should still add the model to your shortlist if it is in stock.


  • Stylish book design
  • Genuine leather
  • Kickstand with integrated system
  • Cover and spine in hardback for crush protection
  • Microfiber interior liner


  • Bulky
  • Unique design may draw attention
  • It is more expensive than the other options

Amazon Prime:

CoBak Kindle White Case with Stand: The Best Case

CoBak Kindle White Cases are a good option if your Kindle needs to be propped up while you read.

The magnetic closure of the case and an auto wake/sleep function turn your Paperwhite off when it isn’t in use, are similar to most other cases. The kickstand is small enough to fit into a cutout that you don’t have to use when it’s not in use. You can also store your credit cards in the small pocket on the top.

The outside is made out of waterproof PU leather. It’s not very fancy but it’s a great value for the money. You have an anti-scratch microfiber interior to protect the screen from scratches, and a hard exterior for some crush protection.

The case is slightly larger than other options because it can accommodate the kickstand and hand strap. The case measures in at just under 0.7 inch and is almost twice as thick as that of the device.

It is compatible with both 10th and HTML 11th-gen models. Available in a wide array of colors, designs, and materials, it’s a reliable performer at an affordable price for anyone looking for a hand strap or kickstand for their Paperwhite.


  • Hand strap with integrated kickstand
  • Magnetic closure
  • Small pocket to hold cash and credit cards
  • Charging cutout
  • Reasonable price


  • Bulkier than most other cases
  • Small Cobak logo at front

Amazon, Buy

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Premium-Leather Cover is the Best Leather Case

The Amazon Paperwhite Premium leather Cover will make your case look more sophisticated or professional. It is approximately twice the cost of the original design.

It features the same features, a soft cover, lightweight design, magnetic closure, and an auto sleep/wake feature. Premium leather covers in smooth finishes are what you will be paying more for.

The leather will naturally age and patina. This means leather will look more natural as it is used more. The leather will take on a darker look if it absorbs oil from your fingers or other sources.

It is perfect for those who require a professional cover when traveling for work.

The leather case is only recommended if you own the Paperwhite model (10th-gen). Amazon has released an updated version to fit the Paperwhite model, but it is of lower quality and has a more plastic feel than leather.

Other manufacturers haven’t yet offered good leather cases, but we’ll let you know if and when.


  • Magnetic closure
  • Lightweight
  • Premium leather exterior
  • Professional design


  • It is more expensive than the other options
  • No kickstand
  • Amazon logo small on front cover
  • Scuff marks may appear after a while
  • Version for 11th-gen paperwhite is lower quality


Fintie Slimshell Paperwhite case for Kindle Paperwhite is best for those on a budget

If your budget is a top priority, then the Fintie Slim Shell Kindle Paperwhite Case might be a good option. It has many of your favorite features, but costs less than half as much.

The Fintie case’s soft lining prevents scratches. The firm lid is magnetic and turns the Kindle on/off automatically when it opens/closes. It is made of synthetic leather to provide extra grip. But, don’t expect much more in terms of look and feel.

This case is lightweight and available in plain or striking floral colors.

This case is the 10th generation. We have used it for three years and it has spent most of its life in a backpack. While the corners have begun a little to fray in recent months, this is not the most noticeable sign of wear. Frayed edges after a few more years are not an issue considering the cost.


  • Magnetic closure
  • Lightweight
  • Interior lining in microfiber
  • Low price


  • No kickstand
  • Synthetic leather
  • Some corners might eventually fail


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Which One to Choose?

It all comes down to your preference for how you will use the Paperwhite Case. You may be more interested in a kickstand, or a lighter case that complements the Paperwhite’s slim design. Do you want something bold and stand out from the crowd or something more subtle?

Amazon’s basic Kindle Paperwhite Kindle case will be the best choice. It’s durable and affordable. It can be used in any room, or blend into it.

If you want something more sophisticated, you can either choose Amazons’ leather case version of Twelve South’s premium vintage model. Fintie, on the other hand, is affordable and will fit your Paperwhite perfectly.

You might also like to place your Kindle on a stand while reading, so check out CoBy’s affordable case.

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