Mouse Double Clicks Randomly (Causes, Fixes)

While double-clicking with the mouse is not common, they can be very frustrating.

Sometimes, the mouse clicks twice on its own and launches an app you didn’t mean to run.

Sometimes it may misunderstand your single click by clicking twice, opening a file you did not intend to open.


This may cause you to become frustrated and put aside your tasks.

We’ll show you how we can make your mouse click randomly.

Mouse Double clicks Randomly (Causes or Fixes).

Before you get started with troubleshooting the mouse, check if it is your system or the mouse.

First, remove the mouse from your computer and try it again on another device.

If it works well on the new system then you might have a problem with software. The next section will help you to fix this.

If the same issue occurs with your new device you can skip the software fixes and instead go to the hardware section to fix it manually.

You can also use your existing laptop to test an alternate mouse if you don’t already have one.

Software Related Fixes

1. Double-Click Speed Change

A random issue of double-clicking is usually caused by an incorrect double click speed.

You can make your mouse click slower if the speed is too slow.

The system may therefore interpret two clicks in a row to be a double clicking.

Also, the mouse can mistake a long click as a double-click if it’s too sensitive.

You can make changes to the system settings, regardless of whether you have accidentally altered the settings.

  1. The Windows icon is located at the bottom left. Click it to go to Setting.
  2. Select “Devices”, and then choose “Mic”.
  3. To view mouse properties, open the Related Settings.
  4. To open the new popup window, click the ” buttons Tab”. It is likely that it is the first tab you have landed on.
  5. There will be a scroll bar that is easy to navigate with ” low” at each end and ” high_” at the opposite end.
  6. To adjust mouse sensitivity, slide the slider left or to the right. (The middle range is the most balanced.
  7. Save the changes to your computer and try again later.

Note Windows 7 and below versions will have ” Mouse properties “.

All other steps remain unchanged.

2. To disable the Auto-Enhancement pointer,

It might be worth trying another option while you’re still in the Mouse Property section.

You can change the tab from ” Poster Options” to ” Increase pointer precision,” and then unmark ” Pick a pointer rate”.

This prevents your system configuration from changing to a less sensitive mode without permission.

3. Check out the Explorer Options

A mouse double-click issue can be referred to as functionally double clicking.

While you don’t hear click-clack twice, the mouse opens the file using a single left click.

For more information, please visit Explorer Settings.

  1. In the Windows search box type “Control Panel”, and click to open it.
  2. Click on ” View Explorer Options.”
  3. Under the ” General” tab, you will see a header reading, ” click items as follows.”
  4. If the first checkbox is selected (Single Click to Open and Point to Select), change it to Double Click to Open a File ” and then press ” Ok” for your changes.
  5. If these don’t solve your problem, then you should look for another solution.

4. Change the properties of your USB hub

Power Management settings can sometimes be set to selectively suspend USB ports to save energy.

While this feature is extremely useful, it can cause mouse double-clicking, and other issues.

It may solve the problem by disabling that function

  1. Click on the Start search button to navigate to device manager. You can also use the Windows X keys to choose the device manager.
  2. Scroll down and locate ” USC Bus” by pressing the expandable icon beside it.
  3. The list of controllers will be available.
  4. Right-click on Mouse and Other Pointing Devices, and hit Properties.
  5. The new box will display, and you will then go to ” Power Management”.
  6. To save the changes press OK. Make sure to do the same thing for all USB Hub Root controllers.

5. Adjust your Mouse Driver

The driver allows the OS to communicate with peripherals and your mouse.

Your mouse might not function as it did before you corrupt, delete, or change the driver file.

These are some useful ways to fine-tune your mouse’s driver.

The First Method:

  1. Go to your Device Manager, expand the ” Mice pointing devices” section.
  2. Right-click the mouse name and select ” Update driver”.
  3. In the new dialog box, tap ” Automatically Search for Updated Driver Software” to continue with the onscreen directions.

Note – You can also visit the website for your mouse manufacturer, download the latest driver and manually install it.

Select ” Browse to my computer for device-software” as step 3. Next, select the file you have just downloaded.

Remember to extract the file before opening the device manager.

Second Method: Uninstall/Reinstall

If the mouse double-clicking problem persists after you update, uninstall the program and reinstall it.

  1. Run Device Manager. Once you have selected your mouse’s names, use the second method to select it.
  2. Unplug your mouse and restart the computer.
  3. When the OS recognizes it, it will automatically install the default mouse driver.

NOTE: If the files are not being reinstalled automatically by your computer, please visit the manufacturer of your mouse or use a third party driver installer tool.

Third method: Rollback

You can try reverting the older driver version to resolve double-clicking problems that may have occurred after a Windows driver upgrade or Windows driver refurbishment.

  1. After you have logged into the Device Manager go to ” Properties”
  2. Navigate to the Driver tab and then press the Rollback Driver button.
  3. Wait for Windows to complete its task and then restart the computer to fix the problem.

6. Get rid of the extra HID compliant entry


Restart your PC.

7. Do A Clean Boot

A clean boot will allow you to safely load your OS using the minimal pre-installed startup applications.

It will also deactivate unreliable plugins and other background software that could be causing you problems.

Here are the steps you need to take to solve the double-click dilemma

  1. You can simultaneously hold the Windows + R keys down for a few seconds.
  2. Type HTMLconfig into the small Run field, and then hit OK. This will take to the System Configuration window.
  3. Switch to the ” ” tab. Select ” Selective start.”
  4. Clear the checkbox indicating, ” Start up items”
  5. Tap the ” Enable all”.
  6. Final step: Click on the tab ” startup”, and then choose ” open task manager.”
  7. A list with startup programs will appear. Each startup program can be selected individually and changed from ” Enabled ” to ” Unabled.”
  8. Hit OK, then reboot your computer.

This will likely resolve your double-click issue.

After you have resolved the issue follow the steps below to get your system back on track.

  1. Now press the Windows key and R key again. Enter MSconfig in the dialogue box.
  2. To resume normal operation, navigate to the Startup tab.
  3. Restart your computer.

8. Install a Third-Party Reparation Tool

Many tools are available to help you diagnose the issue.

They will flush any malware from your computer and notify you of any file changes or loss.

Simply search for a reliable one and install it. Then, start scanning.

You can then repair any bugs you find with just one click.

Hardware-Related Workarounds

1. Make sure you clean the mouse

If your mouse switches are not cleaned regularly, grime and dirt can become a problem.

If the double-click problem is a frequent issue, or if the mouse has been in an area with dust, it may be worth cleaning the mouse.

To get rid of the accumulated particles, use a cotton scraper, canister air, or dust blower.

In the worst-case scenario, you might need to open the mouse and clean it.

This is especially important for those who have accidentally spilled sticky material on the mouse.

It is important to know how to take apart and reassemble mouse parts so as to not damage them.

2. Fix The Microswitch

The left button of a mouse is clicked most often. It may eventually develop physical problems, regardless how much money you have spent on it.

Your mouse button’s microswitch is equipped with a copper spring mechanism that triggers clicks when you press it.

Your clicks can become out of order over time and you might experience random double-clicking.

In this situation, you have two options: repair or replacement.

It is not an easy task to fix an electric device. This is why we recommend that you hire someone to do it for you.

However, if the basics are clear, you can watch this DIY video to find out how.


Wireless Mouse Two Clicks Randomly

To resolve the issue with a wireless mouse, connect it to your computer using a USB cable.

If the mouse clicking stops suddenly, it could be that the wireless link is interfering in your mouse function.

This could be due to many factors and require different solutions.

1. Wireless Signal Interference

Your mouse wireless frequency can sometimes be interfered with by electromagnetic signals from your speakers, monitor, or speakers.

In this way, your OS might start to behave oddly and collect incorrect messages from you mouse.

Move your speakers away from the computer, and move the monitor back a bit.

Sometimes, it is possible to remove interference between wireless transmitters by removing a few millimeters.

Place the router at least ten toes away from your mouse.

You should also avoid cordless phones, microwaves, baby watches, and other signal-transmitting equipment.

You should also remove any metal, hard or sharp objects from the USB receiver. These can interfere with their communication.

2. Low battery or defective

Sometimes your battery won’t be able to send accurate signals due to low voltage.

Move your mouse closer towards the receiver. If you notice any changes, it could be a problem with the battery.

Take a few minutes to cool your mouse. If that fails, consult a technician for a replacement battery.


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