IRS Code 152 On Tax Transcript Tax Topic 152 2022

IRS Code 152 on Tax transcript – Tax Topic 152 2022. Most humans acquired IRS code 152 on their 2022 transcript. If you noticed tax subject matter 152 in your repute you don’t ought to panic.

WHAT DOES IRS CODE 152 MEAN? Tax Topic 152 without a doubt way that your tax go back is being processed. This additionally means that in case you see IRS Tax Code 152, then the authorities or IRS has now no longer accepted or rejected your refund.

So, in essence, IRS code 152 offers refund facts. In some times, your go back repute may also take some time to be updated.

What Is Tax Topic 152?

Topic 152 is a established reference code that a few taxpayers may also see while having access to the IRS refund repute tool. Unlike different codes that a taxpayer may stumble upon, Tax Topic 152 doesn’t require any extra steps from the taxpayer.

According to the IRS, nine out of 10 tax refunds are processed of their regular time body of fewer than 21 days. But in case you encounter a connection with Tax Topic 152, your go back may also require similarly overview and will take longer than the standard 21 days.

Keep in thoughts this tax subject matter doesn’t suggest you made a mistake or did some thing incorrect while submitting. It without a doubt way your go back is being processed and has but to be accepted or rejected.

Why Might My Tax Return Take Longer To Process?

What’s Taking So Long? If you don’t get hold of your refund in 21 days, your tax go back may want similarly overview. This may also take place in case your go back become incomplete or incorrect. The IRS may also ship you commands via the mail if it desires extra facts so that you can procedure your go back.

There are numerous motives why your tax go back may also take a touch longer to procedure and cause you being stated Tax Topic 152. The following conditions are amongst the ones motives:

Making an Injured Spouse claim

Application for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) attached

Refunds from amended returns (refund commonly acquired inside sixteen weeks of submitting)

Requesting money back of tax withheld on Form 1042-S through submitting a Form 1040-NR (refunds are commonly acquired inside six months of submitting)

How Long Does It Take The IRS To Process A Tax Return?

Once you’ve got got filed a entire paper tax go back that consists of no mistakes, you may count on your refund to be issued through the IRS kind of six to 8 weeks from the date that they get hold of your go back.

How Long Does It Take For Tax Refund To Show In Bank Account After Approved?

Below is an predicted breakdown of ways quickly you would possibly count on to get hold of your tax refund, primarily based totally on submitting and shipping choices.

Federal tax refund shipping time:

Delivery kind Delivery time (date filed – receipt of tax refund)

E-record with direct deposit 1-three weeks

Paper record with direct deposit 1-three weeks

E-record with money back take a look at withinside the mail 6-eight weeks

Paper record with money back take a look at withinside the mail 6-eight weeks

2022 IRS Refund Schedule Chart

The IRS commenced accepting 2021 tax returns on Jan. 24, 2022. The IRS has now no longer but launched its 2022 refund schedule, however you may use the chart under to estimate while you could get hold of your tax refund thru direct deposit or paper take a look at.

Date taxes popular Direct deposit despatched Paper take a look at mailed

Jan. 24 – Jan. 31 Feb. 7 Feb. 14

Feb. 6 – Feb. 7 Feb. 14 Feb. 21

Feb. eight – Feb. 14 Feb. 21 Feb. 28

Feb. 15 – Feb. 21 Feb. 28 March 7

Feb. 22 – Feb. 28 March 7 March 14

March 1 – March 7 March 14 March 21

March eight – March 14 March 21 March 28

March 15 – March 21 March 28 April four

March 22 – March 28 April four April eleven

March 29 – April four April eleven April 18

April five – April eleven April 18 April 25

April 12 – April 18 April 25 May 2

April 19 – April 25 May 2 May nine

April 26 – May 2 May nine May 15

May three – May nine May 15 May 23

May 10 – May sixteen May 23 May 30

May 17 – May 23 May 30 June 6

May 24 – May 30 June 6 June thirteen

May 31 – June 6 June thirteen June 20

June 7 – June thirteen June 20 June 27

June 14 – June 20 June 27 July four

June 21 – June 27 July four July eleven

June 28 – July four July eleven July 18

July five – July eleven July 18 July 25

July 12 – July 18 July 25 Aug. 1

July 19 – July 25 Aug. 1 Aug. eight

July 26 – Aug. 1 Aug. eight Aug. 15

How To Get Through To IRS Customer Service

Are you looking to touch IRS customer support immediately? or do you need to talk immediately to an IRS agent

You can without a doubt attain out to IRS customer support representatives to accurate any organisation mistakes through calling 800-829-1040. Customer carrier representatives are to be had Monday via Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM nearby time except in any other case noted (see phone help for extra facts).

IRS helplines are open Monday via Friday. Residents of Alaska and Hawaii need to observe Pacific time. Phone strains in Puerto Rico are open from eight AM to eight PM nearby time.



7 a.m. to 7 p.m. nearby time



7 a.m. to 7 p.m. nearby time

Non-earnings taxes


eight a.m. to five p.m. nearby time

Estate and present taxes (Form 706/709)


eight a.m. to three:30 p.m. Eastern time

Excise taxes


​​​​​eight a.m. to six p.m. Eastern time

Overseas callers

Use our International Services page. 

Callers who’re listening to impaired

TTY/TDD 800-829-4059


When checking your tax repute on Where’s my Refund, there are times in which the bars with tax subject matter 152 will disappear.

When that occurs, you do now no longer want to panic.

It does take place on WMR.

Here is why:

Your repute on Where’s my Refund maintains converting withinside the route of processing your tax go back.

Sometimes you may get a deposit date however nonetheless consists of “nonetheless processing,” and similarly to that, the IRS 152 word may even disappear.

If that occurs, it’s far most effective the Internal Revenue Service that may provide you with correct facts in your repute in addition to the tax code 152.


No. IRS code 152 and tax subject matter 152 isn’t always horrific thing.

That IRS tax code most effective way your tax go back is being processed. There need to be no motive for worry.


Not definitely. IRS code 152 does now no longer suggest you may get your refund quickly.

What it without a doubt way is that your refund is being processed.

Your go back can be popular or rejected after the very last overview through the Internal Revenue Service.

You do now no longer definitely have plenty manage over that.


Your refund says nonetheless being processed due to the fact the Internal Revenue Service is operating on it.

You want to look ahead to the processing to finish then you definitely realize what occurs next.

For tax-associated issues, you want to touch any of the IRS representatives for help.

You also can attain out to any tax professional that will help you with any demanding situations you could stumble upon with submitting your taxes or claiming money back.

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