How to Save Instagram Stories with Music in the Gallery of Your Phone

Instagram is a wonderful tool for sharing memories and creating them. This tool is used by advertisers to create engaging campaigns. Influencers use it to create non-copyright reels. Instagram does not allow us to save stories using the music from our phones.

Later in life, you won’t be haunted again by Instagram stories. They disappear from your profile after 24 hours.You may want to save Instagram stories with music from the gallery on your phone. There are several ways you can do this.

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Story is a feature that allows users to upload photos and videos to their profile. After 24 hours, the account disappears. You can add different music to your stories, which is a great feature of adding stories. Instagram allows you to add music directly from your music library. You can save your stories to your profile to keep them safe. You can save your stories up to 24 hours after they are posted for anyone who wants to look back.

How do I save Instagram stories with music?

You might discover something in someone’s life that you like. It is your right to save it. It is possible to save it. You can save them with music.

There are many options to save Instagram stories with music from the gallery. These are the top and most trusted ways to save Instagram stories from your gallery with music.

  • Archive your stories
  • Use web-based apps
  • Keep the stories
  • Upload the story to a post
  • You can save the story manually

Archive your story

It is easy to archive your stories. You can also manually activate this option. To doing so, go to:

“Settings > Story Settings” > “Saving”. Now activate the option to “Save to Archive”.

Apps that are web-based

Web-based apps are one of the best ways to save Instagram stories. These are some of the top apps to save your Instagram stories:

  • InstaStories viewer
  • Stories IG
  • Embed stories
  • Story saver for Instagram
  • IG Live

Manually save stories

Follow these steps to save stories manually:

  • Save the story that interests you.
  • There will be three dots at the bottom of this story. Tap on the dots to save.
  • To save a specific picture or video, click on the option to ‘Save’.
  • Click on “Save Story” to save the story. This will allow you to save all your videos as one video.

Post your story to share it

You can also share your story as an article. You can simply view your active story. You will see three dots at the bottom

 of your story when you view it. Click on the three dots to save your story. You can then choose to Share as a Post.

These are simple tips! These tips are easy to follow. Let us know if you find them useful!

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