How To Play Nintendo Switch Games On PC (Explained)

Nintendo Switch is an excellent gaming console. You can enjoy gaming on the move with it unlike PS5 and Xbox 360.

You also have the option to play multiplayer online and share your experience with loved ones.

While the screen on Switch may be small, it isn’t as sharp and clear as one with a 4K-resolution display.


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There are ways to play your Nintendo Switch games on Windows.

This article will discuss the many ways you could do this.

Nintendo Switch Games have been specially designed for this device.

It is possible to find old-school video game copies, but they might not be readily available or difficult to get.

You may encounter incompatibilities and software/hardware issues that make it difficult to play Nintendo Switch games.

There are a few workarounds that allow you to enjoy Nintendo Switch gaming in high resolution from your PC.

Play Cross-Platform Games

Nintendo Switch games are possible via cross-platform play.

Switch games can be played on many mobile devices including the PS4, PS5, Xbox One or PC.

Minecraft, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles–Remastered Edition, Dragon Quest X, Hover, Murphy’s Law, and many others have PC versions that you can purchase and play.

Some developers may ask you to download the files from other platforms.

Fortnite by Epic Games, is an Epic Game available only on Epic Games’s website. It’s also absolutely free.

There are also games that can be played on both Windows and Mac.

This lets you save your game data on your Nintendo Switch, as well as your files on your computer.

These games let you continue your progress on another platform.

This cross-progression team is composed of Fortnite Dauntless Realm Royale Rocket League.

Use an HDMI Cable to Connect Nintendo Switch and Your Computer

Nintendo provides an easy way for gamers to enjoy Nintendo Switch games at a larger screen.

Connect your Nintendo Switch to the TV using the TV mode.

Good news! The good news? It can be connected to any computer with an operating system.

The Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t have a video exporter, so this method isn’t compatible.

A HDMI cable is needed to connect the Switch to your monitor.

Connect your Nintendo Switch to the TV by flipping the back door.

Find the HDMI port. Connect the HDMI Cable at this port.

Next, plug the power cable into its appropriate port. Next, plug your power cable into the appropriate port. Close the door.

Plug your HDMI cable into your monitor’s HDMI port.

Next, connect the Power Cable from the Switch to a Wall Outlet. Turn on your monitor.

In its settings, change the mode to HDMI.

Switch on your Nintendo Switch and you can play all of your favorite Nintendo games.

You have the option to set up your game or adjust the settings through the Nintendo Switch settings.

To connect the Nintendo Switch and a monitor, a dock is not needed

This simple solution requires a USB C/to HDMI adapter.

On the Nintendo Switch, a USB-C port can be found. Connect the other end of your adaptor with this port. Next, connect the HDMI Cable to the adaptor’s appropriate port.

Connect the other end to your PC monitor. Next, you will need to follow the same steps that were used for setting up Nintendo Switch.


Use A DVI Cable

HDMI is a common connection type and almost all displays and monitors use it. There are many other types of connections available, if your monitor doesn’t have one.

For example, you can connect your Nintendo Switch via DVI (Digital Video Interface) to your monitor.

All you need is an adapter to convert HDMI from DVI.

One end of the HDMI Cable must be plugged into an adapter. The other end should go into a converter.

Next, connect the DVI Cable one end to the converter and then the other to the monitor.

Using Nintendo Switch Joycons to Connect To Your Windows PC

Nintendo Switch joy cons are wireless controllers that you connect to your console via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is the only method they can connect to the PC. It’s the same as connecting any other Bluetooth devices.

First, unplug your Joy-Cons.

Hold down on the Sync button until the controllers flash.

Now, open Settings> Devices.

Use the search box to add Bluetooth to find controllers.

Choose Pair with the Joy-con(R) and Joy-con[r] controllers.

Close the pairing process by clicking Done

Use A Capture card

Capture Cards, also known by input devices, let you connect your gaming consoles (like the Nintendo Switch) with your computer.

The primary purpose of these files is to convert your gaming signals into digital data, so that you can upload the gameplay to the internet.

You can also use it to run your Nintendo Switch game on a Windows PC.

This information is crucial if you want to connect your Nintendo Switch with a laptop.

The reason is that you cannot use an HDMI Cable to connect the console directly with your laptop.

You will need an HDMI cable to connect your Nintendo Switch to the computer via capture cards.

The cable can both be connected to the Nintendo Switch dock at one end and to the capture card at the other.

You will need a second HDMI cable to connect your capture cards to the screen.

Capture cards are a great tool to play console games with PCs. They might not be required if you plan to stream and upload your game online.

Your dock will be required to connect your Nintendo Switch with your PC.

Corsair’s Legato capture card supports USB-C connectivity at 60fps, 1080p at 1080p and 1080p as a 1080p.

However, if your computer doesn’t have a USB C port, you might consider upgrading to an earlier version.

Use Nintendo Switch Game Emulators

You can play Nintendo Switch games with big displays by connecting your Nintendo Switch to a PC monitor.

You will still need your Nintendo Switch and its dock.

What if I don’t have the hardware necessary to play Nintendo Switch?

An emulator is your answer.

Emulators to gaming consoles are the perfect solution for people who prefer to play their games on their computers without a console.

These emulators may be in the form of hardware or software.

Both models are a simulation of the console’s hardware so that you can use the games that were designed for it.

Although all consoles can theoretically contain hardware and software emulators it’s hard to reproduce exact copies of those parts since console manufacturers do not reveal their details.

Sometimes, you may experience crashes or lags using these emulators in order to play your favorite video games.

Nintendo Switch is no different.

There are many Nintendo Switch emulators. Some of them are not reliable.

They offer the same gaming experience with regular PC games, or your Nintendo Switch.

The legality question is also a concern.

Some people worry that emulators could be illegal since they technically copy work done by consoles.

Emulators may be legal as they do not contain proprietary codes.

Gaming console manufacturers don’t like them as they try to copy their games, which could lower their sales.

However, it is an illegal factor.

Emulators enable people to play their games on computers by using software programs.

If the game files aren’t available (AKA Roms), It is impossible for people to play their games.

ROMs (copy of a console game cartridge) are illegal.

Game files and systems can be copied, as they are considered intellectual property.

Downloads of many games are possible from ROM sites, but they’re illegal.

A game you own cannot be downloaded from another site.

In some cases, downloading ROMs may not constitute copyright violation.

You could, for instance, own the cartridge and then delete the ROMs. This isn’t considered copyright.

But, you cannot legally download them from any other site or sell them to yourself.

Verify the legal consequences for any actions you take and use the emulator.

Best Nintendo Switch Emulators

Take this as an example: By playing the Nintendo Switch, you are 100% certain that you will not be violating any laws.

Find good emulators that offer smooth gameplay with no crashes or lags.

Due to the complicated code of Nintendo Switch games, it can be very difficult to emulate them. It is therefore necessary to have a powerful machine capable of running the emulator.

A dedicated GPU and 8GB of RAM are required, along with a Core i5 CPU.

These models are the best Nintendo Switch:

1. Yuzu

Citra is a Nintendo Switch emulator that you may have heard about. Yuzu is from the exact same team.

You can play all Nintendo Switch video games. This includes Legend of Zelda.

It supports Windows and Linux as well as high-resolution gaming.

This emulator has been specifically created for Nintendo Switch.

This emulator contains a complete list of Nintendo Switch gaming titles that you can run on any gaming console. It also contains compatibility information.

The emulator is not compatible with all games and cannot deliver the same performance.

2. Ryujinx

Ryujinx can be used on Linux as well as Windows.

It is both open-source and written using C#.

This emulator has a great gaming experience, is very easy to use, and doesn’t have many games that are playable.

Because it has a simpler interface and design, Yuzu is easier to use. However, it has a lower performance than Yuzu.

However, it is the only Mac emulator which works.

This tool lets you adjust the resolution of the game just like Yuzu.

3. Cemu

The emulator was originally designed for Wii U. However, it can be used to emulate Nintendo Switch games.

It’s not as fast as the two other emulators but it has many unique features that make it an excellent choice.

Mods are possible. These mods allow you to change the resolution and quality of your graphics.

These games are also available at 60 FPS.

The emulator works best with Wii U video games. This could mean that certain Nintendo Switch games may not be compatible.

How To Use A Yuzu Emulator

Yuzu, one of the most widely used Nintendo Switch emulators, is the fastest because it has the highest performance.

To install the Yuzu emulator, you will need the most recent version C++.

Next, download Yuzu on its website.

Versions of Linux and Windows are now available.

To download the Windows version, click on Download for Windows 64.

Unfortunately it is not compatible with 32-bit Windows.

After downloading and installing the emulator, choose the version you wish to use: Early Access Yuzu (or the regular version).

A key difference between the versions is that the Early Access one offers “Early Access”, to features that were added to Emulator recently but aren’t available in regular version

They are brand-new features that could have bugs or not work properly.

Contrary to popular belief, the regular edition includes only the approved features that have been tested. There are no bugs.

You are able to select the version that best suits your needs.

Click the Yuzu_install.exe button to download it.

Be sure to extract the ROMs for Nintendo Switch games from your computer before you start the emulator.

Do not download ROMs from the internet. It is a copyright violation.

You also have the option to get the Yuzu Key by dumping it on the Nintendo Switch.

Create a folder named “Keys” under this directory: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\yuzu\keys and copy the keys you’ve dumped onto this file.

Start the emulator for the first time. It will ask for permissions to run different programs.

You have the option to change audio, visual and other settings.

After you’ve changed the settings, click the Emulation tab. Next, open the folder where the ROMs are saved and load it onto your emulator.

If you experience a crash, shut down the emulator and restart it to check if the game works again.

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