How To Get Karma On Reddit Fast (10 Ways)

Reddit is a well-known content sharing and discussion platform.

This is the place to go if you are looking for information, opinions, or just general discussion on a variety of topics.

Reddit isn’t for everyone. There are fewer karma points.

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We’ll discuss how to quickly get karma on Reddit so that you can build a reputation on the forum.

How to Get Karma on Reddit Fast (10 Ways)

If you use proven methods, getting Reddit Karma can be a simple job.

Be aware that you could fall into negative karma while enforcing certain Reddit Karma activities.

Here are the top ten ways to quickly get Karma on Reddit.

1. Ask and Answer Questions Smartly

This method may seem simple to you.

This is a great way to get upvotes and good views of your content.

Upvotes are an important part of building your community and building a reputation.

However, downvotes can have a negative effect on your profile.

Reddit is a place where you can be confident about the quality and authenticity of any content you post.

Reddit is not for blind answers.

You must have a pattern and use some techniques to make sure your answers are best.

Here are some tips to remember before you ask questions.

  1. Reddit is not the place to ask questions.
  2. You can search for the same question using Google to see if it returns a satisfactory answer. If you don’t find an answer on Google for your question, then this is the best question you can post on Reddit.

Tips to Follow While Answering.

  1. Be as thorough as possible.
  2. You can search for keywords that rank high on Google to find the answer you need.
  3. Spam answers with irrelevant links is not an option
  4. Adding pictures, tables, data and videos can add real value.

Reddit was the 19th most popular website in the world and the 7th most popular in the US as of September 2021.

This shows that a large number of Reddit keywords rank on the first pages of Google. This means that there are more opportunities to grow Reddit Karma by attracting a wide audience.

You can use some SEO tools to find the top-ranking questions on Google. Reddit’s URL analysis tool will help you identify them.

This will show you several keywords that rank on Google.

Simply enter your keywords and then use the first page filters to search for keywords on Google’s homepage.

Once you have found them, simply go to them and provide a detailed answer.

2. Comment on New Posts

Reddit is a great way to increase your visibility by commenting on other posts.

Look out for recent posts and leave comments with your honest opinion.

Reddit’s algorithm encourages comments to be posted within a short time.

This will result in more views. If your comment is well-written, it will receive more upvotes, which will allow it to remain at the top.

Follow these steps to find new posts

  1. Join diverse communities and Subreddits.
  2. You can visit the Homepage of Reddit, or any Subreddit.
  3. The New posts option is located at the top of the page.
  4. Filter the available posts to find the ones that interest you and then comment on them.

Comments must contain the following attributes

  1. Commentaries should provide more information about the post.
  2. It should be your opinion on the post.
  3. Your comment should be entertaining and funny
  4. It should be clear and concise.
  5. Avoid any form of hate speech if you are criticizing.

After you’ve posted your comment, interact with others who have responded to it.

This will ensure that your comment stays at the top of the post.

3. Engage with the Audience

Engaging with the community is another way to increase visibility on the platform, and earn Karma points.

Write long posts that are engaging and not boring.

The post will be deleted if the reader finds it boring.

This can lead to negative Karma for your profile.

You should include a call to action in your posts about comments and any action you wish the reader to take.

This will encourage your readers to take action on your posts and increase your chances of them being seen more.

Connecting with your audience in comments is another important way to communicate.

You should respond to comments and communicate with anyone who has commented on your posts.

4. Join larger subreddits

Reddit is all about niching down, but you can’t ignore the value of larger Subreddits if you want to quickly gain karma.

These larger Subreddits tend to be in the entertainment and mental-peace niches.

Join them and share detailed information about different topics.

Answering community questions is a great way to gain more exposure on these Subreddits.

It is important to not join more than five subreddits from different niches.

You can join as many Subreddits you like, but only those that are related to a specific niche.

In your bio, it is important to mention any niches that you are interested in.

This will allow you to build trust within the subreddit community.

Check out the top ten Subreddits that you should be joining.

  1. (39.6 Million Followers)
  2. (35.3 Million Followers)
  3. (32.2 Million Followers)
  4. (30.6 Million Followers)
  5. (29.2 Million Followers)
  6. (28.7 Million Followers)
  7. (27.3 Million Followers).
  8. (26.3 Million Followers)
  9. (27.4 Million Followers)
  10. (24.3 Million Followers)

After you’ve chosen the Subreddit that you wish to join, make sure your profile looks natural before you join these groups.

After group moderators have approved your request to join, you can post relevant content at regular intervals that look natural.

5. High Quality Content

Reddit and every other platform on the internet are dependent on quality content for success.

You won’t earn any Karma points if your content doesn’t engage users.

Use the following tips to create high-quality content.

  1. Write long content that gives in-depth information about the topic.
  2. Include photos, demographics, videos.
  3. Include references and back up your data with the appropriate links.
  4. Avoid posting spam links. It is okay to promote your business, provided you do so naturally.
  5. Follow the trend.

Reddit’s content determines how many karma points you earn.

You will quickly gain popularity on the platform if your content is interesting and good.

You might not be able to earn Karma points if your content isn’t engaging the users or provides no value.

Negative karma points can also be earned for inadequacies or ineffective content. This could lead to a loss in credibility and a decrease in your authority on the platform. You should make sure that you only post engaging and relevant content.

6. Utilize Karma Bomb To Your Advantage

Karma Bomb refers to comments you make on viral posts.

This action will make your comments more popular and increase your Karma points.

This action is also risky because your comment may get many downvotes. This could have adverse effects on your karma score.

These posts should not be commented on without your permission.

Commenting is a good idea.

The Karma bomb is a unique way to gain exposure and increase your points.

Here are some tips to help you get a positive karma bomb.

  1. Take a look at the most popular comments and make something similar.
  2. Make a comment that is engaging and inspires others.
  3. Add visual content if necessary.

After you have posted your comment successfully, you should keep an eye on the comments.

It is best to delete comments that are receiving a lot of downvotes. This will have a negative impact on your profile.

7. Try out some of the most controversial things

You can make a name for yourself on any platform via controversy.

You should have a solid understanding of viral marketing to benefit from it and gain fame on Reddit.

It is crucial to be aware of the limitations of controversial content and that you should not go beyond them.

Reddit may ban you from posting anything you don’t permit.

Controversial content is a way for people to disagree with a belief system.

You should however, have a logical reason for your disagreement. It must not be solely an opinion.

You can experiment with controversial ideas if you’re good at taking pictures or creating videos.

Let’s say you post in a Food Subreddit.

Try posting photos or videos of pizza with ice cream or sharing memes about Chris Rock or Will Smith.

These are just a few examples of controversial content.

This content is more likely to go viral.

You will be viral and earn good Karma points. This is your ultimate goal.

8. Post at the Right Time

Reddit is a place where posting time is important if you want to quickly build your Karma score.

You can get your post seen by as many people as you want, and eventually earn upvotes.

Quality content is still key if you want the best out of your posting time.

Reddit has the best posting times (EST).

  1. Monday through Friday: Between 6 and 8 AM.
  2. Saturday and Sunday: 7 AM to 9AM, 8 AM to 12 AM.

These are the times Reddit pushes your content to its peak and it reaches a wider audience.

If you want to get more views, it is a good time to post.

These times only apply to your main profiles.

You can become famous on Subreddits by posting at the following times (EST):

  1. Friday, 8 AM
  2. Monday, 7 AM.
  3. All other days: 8AM to 12PM

9. Avoid Posting Too Much

It is not a good idea to comment on every post and post too many.

It can actually be harmful to your karma points as it could be a significant reason for negative Karma.

It is important to know how many posts you have created in a given time period.

Allow a little time between posting times and don’t post more than once per day.

You should not leave comments on more than five or six posts in one day.

You will soon notice a decrease in your Karma points if you leave more comments than the limit.

It’s better to vote for comments or posts you like than to post comments from your profile.

A key part of gaining a karma score is to upvote and comment on other posts and blogs.

It’s better to do this than commenting or posting too often.

10. Avoid copyright infringements

Reddit, like most online communities and forums, pays particular attention to copyright violation. Reddit does not permit users to repost content from any other websites.

Reddit will remove your post if you do this. It won’t be able to gain any fame or exposure on the platform.

Reddit may also ban your account if all the posts you have on your profile were copied from sites that contain 100% plagiarism.

Copyright violations should be avoided and you should be extremely careful about posting copied content.

If you don’t wish to create original content, Subreddits allows you to repost.

These Subreddits allow you to copy content from other platforms without violating the TOS of Reddit.

5 Benefits of Good Karma on Reddit

Individuals and businesses can benefit from Karma Score in many ways.

Reddit users who use it regularly are well aware of its advantages and focus on creating strategies to improve it.

Reddit’s five most important benefits of having a high karma score include:

1. Increase Your Exposure

Reddit has many benefits, including more exposure.

Reddit users who have good karma scores tend to get more views. This is the ultimate goal for anyone looking to use Reddit.

Reddit will promote your posts if you have a high karma score.

You will get more exposure on the platform which will result in more upvotes and even better Karma scores.

2. You Can Create Subreddits

Subreddits are created by your Karma score.

To start a subreddit, you will need to have a Karma score 50 or higher.

Reddit will not allow you to create any Subreddit, if your Karma score falls below 50.

It is best to get more people to your Subreddit before you create it.

To create a Subreddit you can grow quickly, you only need to reach the 50 karma threshold.

You must focus on your profile until it is 100 points if you want to properly market your Subreddit and grow it exponentially.

3. More Trust

People will trust profiles with a higher Karma score.

Reddit will verify your source status to increase the popularity of your posts.

You can only be verified if you have a high karma score.

Reddit users will follow you and engage with your posts once you start creating them.

This will also help you to build your Subreddits, and a community.

4. Better Marketing Opportunities

Reddit is used by many businesses as a content marketing platform. They also gain more business through the Reddit community.

They approach profiles that have more followers and higher Karma scores to find niche-specific profiles.

A higher Karma score means that more businesses will approach and request content to promote and market their products.

Marketing products can bring in a lot of money.

5. Easy Post Approval

You will be approved for your posts in any community you choose if you have a high karma score.

Subreddits that have large followings take longer to approve posts from profiles with lower numbers of followers.

If the posts are from a profile with a higher karma score they will approve them immediately.

If you are looking for instant benefits from a particular Subreddit, this can be a great option.

Subreddits are not exempt from the verification time.

Reddit may sometimes block your posts from immediate approval, but approves them after it has verified the authenticity of the position.

How to Find Your Karma Score on Reddit

If you open the mobile app, you can see your karma score at the top of the profile.

If you’re on a computer however, the karma score will be displayed on the sidebar.

Follow these steps to see your Reddit Karma score.

  1. Login to Reddit.
  2. Your Name is displayed at the top-right corner on the homepage.
  3. Click Profile from the drop-down
  4. You’ll see Karma Score along with a number under the Create Avatar menu.

How to Get Started with Karma Score

Reddit is a great place to start, but most communities and Subreddits will not approve your posts if you have a low Karma score.

Pay attention to the questions and answer section at this point.

Make sure you ask the right questions. Then, do your research to find detailed answers.

This is one way to get your Reddit karma score started.

After you have seen some growth, you’ll be able to get more approvals.


Reddit is a great platform for gaining good karma and keeping it.

For the first point, you might struggle at times.

You will gain momentum and be able to receive huge points fast.




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