How to Delete Flipkart Order History?

You are looking for ways to delete your order history from Flipkart. You have come to the right place.

Flipkart, an Indian ecommerce site, is founded in India. Flipkart allows you to purchase groceries, electronics and home necessities such as clothes, accessories, electronics and clothing. The order history is saved when you order from these types of apps.

Sometimes, however, we might want to delete order history for personal reasons. We will show you how to delete your order history on Flipkart.

How can I delete my order history on Flipkart?

Flipkart, unlike Amazon’s ecommerce app, does not allow users to archive and delete order history. This is due to one reason: order history plays a significant role in certain circumstances.

If you have any order-related complaints in the future, your order history will serve as a reference. The order history contains all details about your order, including the price, purchase date, payment method, and many other details. If you have any concerns about your order, the order history can be used as proof.

Flipkart cannot delete your order history, but you can give it a shot. The order history won’t be removed, but it is not obvious.

These are the steps to give it another try

For order history, contact Flipkart Support

  1. Open the Flipkart App on your smartphone.
  2. You will now see three lines in the upper left corner.
  3. Simply click on these lines
  • Scroll down and look for “my orders”
  • This page will show you all your orders
  • Select the one that you wish to delete, and then go to Need Help
  • You can also type there “want to delete order history”

If you are unsure whether it will work, give it a shot.

If you don’t have the option, Flipkart cannot delete your order history.


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