How Many Gmail Accounts Can I Have?

In order to meet different customer needs, it is sometimes necessary to have multiple accounts when running a business. Entrepreneurs can keep track of customer queries, shipment, feedback, and other details by having multiple Gmail accounts. You may be asking, “How many Gmail accounts am I allowed to have?”. The answer is unlimited.

Google makes it easy to create new accounts and link them to existing accounts. Gmail also allows you to link accounts by adding an older account to the recovery email address.

Can I have multiple Gmail accounts with the same phone number?

Gmail developer Google currently allows you to have four accounts with the same phone number. You can also have no more than four Gmail accounts with the same IP address.

Your phone number is crucial to verify your account. It is also an integral part the safety verifications Gmail has implemented to ensure that you use the service properly. Personal users will most likely require one or two email addresses. You don’t need to have a separate browser for each email address. Gmail allows you switch between up to four accounts from the same browser.

G-Suite for entrepreneurs

Gmail provides G-Suite for business users. It allows you to create custom email addresses for different domains. All of these can be accessed easily and quickly via Gmail.

If you plan to use automated tools for hundreds of Gmail accounts, it will disappoint you to find out that they are no longer effective.

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Don’t use Gmail for mass mailing

We advise against mass mailing if you’re looking for “How many Gmail account can I have?” Google has set limits on how many emails you can send via Gmail because Gmail was created for personal email.

Gmail also limits the number and number of emails that you can send and receive each day to avoid spamming and protect your accounts.

Also read Recall or Unsend Emails from Gmail.

We hope this answers your question about how many Gmail accounts I can have. If you have any questions about Gmail, please let us know. We are happy to assist you with any other Gmail queries.

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