Can I Change My Etsy Shop Name? (Step-By-Step Guide)

In an effort to test the e-commerce marketplace, many people pick a random name for their new Etsy shop.

Some people post handmade items in order to see the market price, but do not pay attention to their shop’s title.

These users often have trouble changing the shop name when they expand their business and assume Etsy won’t allow them to.

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We’ll be talking about the steps to changing your Etsy shop name and some tips on how to make it the best.

Can I Change My Etsy Shop Name?

You can easily change the name of your Etsy shop without any issues.

Etsy allows you to modify your shop name, or change it completely.

After you have chosen and changed the name, Etsy customer support will take a look at it. Once it is approved by them,

If you want to start e-commerce, your shop name must be unique

If you’re an established brand and want to use your brand name on Etsy you will need to provide all legal documentation.

How to Change the Name of Your Etsy Shop Step-By-Step

You can easily change Etsy’s shop names from your shop manager.

Before you begin with the steps, you need to decide what name you want for your shop.

Here are the steps to change your Etsy shop’s name.

Step 1: Sign in to your account

Log in to your account to begin the process.

You must ensure that you log in to your seller account, not the user account.

You can access your shop’s login page directly by going to Etsy’s website, and clicking on the login button at the top.

Next, enter your login email address and password to access the shop.

Step 2: Access the Shop Manager

After you log in to Etsy, you can access your shop manager.

The shop manager can be accessed from the top menu of your Etsy store.

You can access the backend of your shop through the shop manager.

Here you can manage your shop and make any changes.

Step 3: Go to Your Shop Settings

Follow the instructions of the shop manager to set up your shop settings.

The menu at the top of your shop manager allows you to access the shop settings.

Step 4: Access Info & Setting

After clicking the Settings button, a dropdown menu will open containing all of the options you need to modify your shop settings.

Tap the Info and Appearance button from the inner menu.

Step #5 – Click on Change

Once you click the Info & Appearance button, a new page will be opened with all details about your shop’s front end.

The Change button is located at the top right of the menu.

This will open a new inner webpage with the option to enter your shop name.

Step #6 – Fill in Your Shop Name

Click the Save button and enter your shop name.

Double-check your title before you tap the Save button. The shop name will automatically be taken to the reviewing section.

That’s it!

This is how to change the name of your Etsy shop!

How many times can I change my Etsy shop name?

After your shop goes live, you can change the name of your Etsy shop five times.

Etsy lets you spend as much time as you need to choose the perfect name for your shop.

Once you have used this option five times, Etsy will not allow you to change the name.

Customer support will assist you with changing your shop name six times.

How to Name Your Etsy Shop 8 Tips That Work

The most important step in your business’ success is finalizing your shop name.

Your shop name is a key component of building a profitable and sustainable brand.

Even if your shop doesn’t have any long-term plans for the future, it is still important to identify the name of the business.

It attracts buyers’ attention, builds trust and generates repeat sales.

Let’s take a look at the steps that you can use to create a high-quality name for your Etsy shop.

1. Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorming is a key step in generating initial ideas for your store.

Brainstorming can help you create and finish your store name.

This step can make a big difference in the future. Pay attention to it and take your time.

To generate ideas for brainstorming, you can use a variety of online tools and platforms.

It is possible to generate new ideas using applications such as Dot-o-Mator or BizNameWiz.

Just fill out a few details about your company, such as your industry, products or services.

This will allow the tool to identify potential names for your company.

Post on community forums and enter contests on freelance platforms. There is a minimum winning price.

This will allow for new ideas to be generated by other like-minded people.

This step should have the ultimate goal of generating as many ideas as possible.

A great final name will be created by more brainstorming.

2. Identify Your Store’s Mission & Vision Statement

Next, you need to determine your company’s vision and mission.

It is important to think about the ultimate goal of your business, and then write it down.

Look at these attributes for a quality vision and mission statement.

  1. It should be a problem-solving statement.
  2. A roadmap should be included in the statement for at least five years. (If you plan to sell, the statement should reflect the goals of the business and how it will serve people until it is ready for sale.
  3. Your vision should be no more than 5-6 words long and your mission not more than 2-3 sentences.

After you have created your vision and mission statements, it is important to ensure that your brand name reflects both of these statements.

This will allow you to choose words that best represent your business and link them to the ideas.

3. Niche Down

Next, niche your ideas into a particular industry or genre.

This will allow you to create and finalize a brand name that represents products in a specific niche.

Your customers will recognize you as a brand when they are thinking of buying something in that niche.

This leads to more sales and eventually more business on Etsy.

After you’ve completed the first two steps you can narrow down your brand by combining your brainstormed ideas and short forms of the industry that your product is in.

Your name must still be meaningful and not become completely insignificant.

4. Find Inspiration from Existing Etsy Stores

It is a great way of getting ideas from existing Etsy shops.

Look at the stores in your industry and take a look at their about sections.

This will allow you to recognize the different words that people use on Etsy in order to increase their sales.

Check out the Etsy store list and make sure you check out the average sales.

The shop names have a significant impact on the performance of Etsy stores and their sales.

Shop names with positive customer reviews and sales should be given special attention.

A sheet can be prepared by including the shop name and performance.

This will give an idea of how important store names are for increasing business.

Also, take a look at the Etsy brand shops.

You will see the importance of picking something distinctive and eye-catching after you have looked at the brand names.

5. Create It Unique

According to Etsy’s store name policy, duplicate store names will not be allowed on the site. The platform will also ban any store name that is being used by another store.

The new store owner will need to select unique characters that aren’t already in use.

You can change words to make your name more unique.

You will still need to ensure that no other seller uses the same name as you on Etsy.

Follow these steps to confirm that it is being used on Etsy.

  1. Log in to your Buyer Account.
  2. Enter the name in the search box to search for it.
  3. You can set the filters to Shops.
  4. Click the Search button to analyze the results.

You should not use the same name as another shop.

If there aren’t similar shop names on Etsy you can continue to the next step.

6. Make it easy to remember

Before finalizing your store name, optimize the name so it is easy to remember.

Names for shops should be simple to remember and have a clear meaning.

This allows you to retain your name quickly, and you can also get recurring customers.

This will help you in word-of-mouth marketing because most people will refer to your products using your shop name, not Etsy.

These steps will make it easy for customers to remember the shop’s name.

  1. Pick a few words.
  2. If the word is a combination or two words, ensure that each word has fewer characters.
  3. Your chosen name must have a story or a simple meaning.
  4. It should be easy to spell or pronounce.

After you have chosen the name, make sure to check the meaning in English and in other languages around the world.

Avoid using a name that is vulgar in other languages if it means something you don’t understand.

7. You can check the domain name

When you finalize your Etsy shop name, it is not necessary to check the domain name.

It is something that we recommend.

If you are looking to create a long-lasting brand that is not dependent on ecommerce marketplaces, the domain name could be a benefit for your business.

Your website will allow you to attract traffic from many digital platforms.

Etsy should be your main focus in order to maximize sales.

Because it builds trust among customers,.com is the best domain extension.

It is also trusted by search engines, so you can get traffic from anywhere in the world.

Search for domain names by visiting famous domain registrars such as Name Cheap, GoDaddy and Google Domains.

Avoid domain names that are not available under extension. You will need to work harder to get the brand name you want.

If they are already operating as a brand under that name or domain, they might file a trademark case.

8. Finalize the Name

After you’ve completed all steps, the final step won’t require much hustle as most things are already in place.

Once you’ve completed all of the steps correctly, you will be able to create a list with multiple brand names.

You can get public feedback on the name in the various industry forums.

Posts can be made to different Facebook groups.

It is important to keep in mind that not all community forums or groups suggestions are worthy of implementation.

Avoid most of these and pay attention only to those that offer a rational explanation for your brand’s criticisms.

What are the Etsy Guidelines Store names?

Etsy is clear about brand names and will not approve names that are contrary to its guidelines.

Here are some things to consider before you send your name for review.

1. It must not exceed 20 characters

The spelling of your shop’s name is one of the most important guidelines.

According to Etsy’s guidelines, your shop name must not exceed twenty characters

Etsy will not approve your brand name if it contains more than one character.

You should not use more than 20 characters for a brand name. Instead, write the title in a shorter form.

A great way to adjust space is to avoid spaces between words.

2. Use uppercase letters where necessary

According to Etsy your shop name should be creative for users.

Avoid any awkward format and type your shop name correctly

It is preferable to use an uppercase letter at each beginning of every word.

This title looks great on the eyes.

3. It should not contain vulgar words

When finalizing your shop name, make sure it doesn’t contain any vulgar words.

You can create cool store names provided it doesn’t violate Etsy’s guidelines, but please refrain from using vulgar or disrespectful words.

4. It must be easy to pronounce

Etsy works worldwide so your shop name should be simple to remember.

You should tweak the wording if your brand is from a country that does not speak English.

How to Change or Remove a Public Display Name on Etsy?

Your public display name is what people see when you view your buyer or personal profile.

It is vital to maintain a public display name for your brand as an owner.

Follow these steps to modify your Etsy public display name.

  1. Log in to your Etsy Account
  2. From the side menu, tap Settings.
  3. From the inner menu, click Account Settings.
  4. From the new page, click Public Profil.
  5. Please fill out the form below to create a new name.
  6. Click Save.

These steps will allow you to change your Etsy public display name.

The user name you choose at signup is completely different from your name.

How to Change the About Section of Your Etsy Shop

If you had a random About section when you signed up, you might want to change it if it is important to you as an Etsy business owner.

Most buyers prefer to read the about section before purchasing.

They are keen to learn about sellers and make purchases as soon as they feel interested.

You will see a decrease in sales and engagement if you have a section that is not up to par.

Follow these steps to modify the about section.

  1. Log in to Etsy and you can access the shop manager via the top menu.
  2. Tap the Pencil Icon at the top of the shop name.
  3. Scroll down to the About section.
  4. Please fill out the About section with descriptive words about your shop.
  5. At the bottom, press the Save button.

These steps will allow you to modify the About section of your store.

To drive quality results, write a creative section that tells your brand story.


If you follow the steps correctly, changing your Etsy shop’s name is simple and quick.

It is essential that you finalize your brand name. This is a critical element in building a quality company.


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