5 Hacks on How to Make your Phone Busy When Someone Calls

Are you tired of getting a million calls every day? Are you tired of being called a million times a day? You are looking for ways to make someone’s phone busy without making them suspicious. It is a neutral signal that sends the message that your phone has been busy and leaves no doubt in the mind. This is a great way to avoid unwanted calls, especially if you are busy with work, travel, stress, or just trying to catch up on your sleep. Let’s talk about the best ways to make your phone ring when someone calls.

Switch on the Flight Mode

This trick will make your Android and iOS phones busy when you answer a call. Keep your device in Flight or Airplane mode to make it appear busy.

Turn on Call barring option

Another way to block incoming calls is activating the call-barring feature. This is a good option for iPhones. This feature can be turned on by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings on the device
  • Click on Calls, then check for call blocking and turn it on

Change your mobile network often

This is the easiest and most effective way to make your phone seem busy or unreachable, without giving any clues or raising suspicion of the caller. This is the easiest way to trick someone into making your phone busy. To change your settings:

  • You will find mobile settings and network settings in the system settings.
  • Click on Manual Settings and choose any network that appears on your phone. Your phone will then automatically notify you if the signal is busy or not reachable.
  • Later, you can disable the settings and select your original mobile network.

Enable Call Forwarding

Next, activate the call forwarding feature on your smartphone to keep your phone busy. It is easiest to forward it to any number on a random landline. Although it may sound complicated, this works on both Android and iPhones. This can make it appear that your phone is not reachable by the caller.

Reminder – Do not forget to switch it off after you are done with your work.

To activate the call forwarding option

Next, go to your mobile settings. Click on Call Settings and then call forwarding.

Call Rejection Option

If you’re tired of getting unwanted calls from family members, colleagues, or spammers, the auto-reject option or call rejection option is your best bet. You can avoid unwanted calls by activating your auto-reject and enabling it through the settings.

To enable it,

  • Go to Android phone settings
  • You can now go to the call settings page.
  • After enabling the auto reject option, disable it after you have used it.

Here are some ways to make sure your phone rings when someone calls. We hope you find our article helpful and restores your peace of mind.

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