Is 12GB RAM Good? (Everything To Know)

RAM is an essential component of computer performance.

It improves both storage and processing speed.

You should choose RAM that is sufficient to meet your specific needs, despite the many benefits RAM offers. However, RAM will not bring you any additional benefits.

It will cost you extra money and take up space on your motherboard that you could use for something else.

Is 12 GB RAM good?

If you are looking to build a computer that can do multiple things, 12GB RAM is a good option.

You will require more RAM if you make a computer for a specific purpose.

If you want to use your computer for high-end gaming, then 12GB RAM is not enough.

If you surf the Internet, do college assignments or perform random office tasks, however, 12GB RAM is not enough.

Your requirements will determine the final decision.

Let’s take a look at eight situations where 12GB RAM may or might not suit you.

1. Gaming

12 GB RAM is great for seasonal gamers who play random games in their spare time.

A 12 GB RAM computer can run most PC games without problems.

Because there is still some space available, your device won’t slow down.

Here are some of the most popular games that you can play on a computer with 12GB RAM.

  1. Warfield 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
  2. Metal Gear Solid 5,
  3. Skyrim & Fallout5
  4. Overwatch
  5. Paladins
  6. CS Go
  7. GTA 5

These games are not the only ones you can play.

To ensure that these games run smoothly on your computer, you must meet all requirements.

Some games won’t work with 12GB RAM.

You should consider 16GB RAM if you are an avid gamer who enjoys playing random games.

12GB RAM is sufficient for creating gaming streams.

You will be able to record voice and video easily because the computer will run smoothly.

2. Graphic Designing

RAM is an essential component of software used by designers for their work.

You can choose from a variety of software programs for designing.

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are some of the most popular design applications. If you have 12 GB RAM, they will work fine.

These programs require 8GB RAM to run. Anything more than that is fine.

This software is perfect for quick tasks as it won’t cause any lag problems on your PC.

3. Video editing

12GB RAM is sufficient for standard video editing, even casually.

Most video editing software, such as Filmora and CyberLink Powerdirector, can be run on your PC.

They will be run efficiently by your computer without any lag issues.

You will need 12GB RAM if you plan to use high-end software or create high-quality videos.

Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro are some of the premium video editing software that won’t work well on a 12GB RAM computer.

You can’t expect your PC to run smoothly if you don’t use any of these software. They require large storage space.

12GB RAM is a lot for professional movie makers and cinematographers.

You will need to add more RAM to your computer to be able to run professional video or picture editing software.

If you have high video editing needs, it is better to buy more RAM than at the time of purchase.

4. For mobile phones

A computer RAM is completely different from a mobile RAM.

Computers typically use DDR3 or DDR4 RAM. These RAM plates are generally larger and offer better performance.

Mobile phones, on the other hand, use LPDDR3 or LPDDR4 RAMs. These RAM plates are smaller and offer less performance and speed.

This means that 12GB RAM is only necessary if you plan to use the phone for other purposes.

If you plan to use premium applications or games on your mobile phone, then you should opt for phones with more than 12GB RAM.

People love to play virtual reality games on their smartphones. However, the RAM must be above 12GB.

People who wish to stream live on their smartphones while playing the game will need more RAM.

4. For Corporate Offices

12GB RAM is sufficient for offices that need to handle daily data, inventory management, and audits.

Certain corporate software and ERP software such as Oracle, ERPNext, iDempiere etc. will run flawlessly on computers with less than 12 GB RAM.

You won’t have any problems using less RAM if your office uses primarily data management software and spreadsheets.

If you don’t need the extra RAM, it is a waste of money.

5. Animation

Animation software typically requires more than 12GB RAM and additional graphics features.

Software such as Adobe Maya, Moho Pro and Cartoon Animator cannot be run on computers with RAM less than 12 GB.

You won’t also be able run other 3D modeling programs if your RAM is less than 12 GB, as most require significant amounts of space.

It won’t also be possible to use some high-quality interior design software efficiently.

A computer with 12GB RAM is sufficient if you are looking to create simple 2D animations or typographies.

You will need to be able to cope with lag issues and your computer might not work to its full potential.

6. For Web Surfing & Cloud Working

12 GB RAM will suffice if you enjoy surfing the internet, following blogs, using social networks, reading Kindle books, and so on.

This RAM will not affect the performance of your computer.

It will work at lightning speed and respond quickly to commands by taking the appropriate actions.

Also, 12GB RAM is fine if you work with internet data most of the day.

Cloud storage will be available quickly and easily.

If you work in programming, the RAM you need will be sufficient.

Your computer will not require additional RAM because most data is stored online.

SSDs are better than additional RAM plates, as most of your data storage will be on cloud and hard drives.

This will allow you to add more data to your computer.

7. For Studying

A student looking to buy a computer for classes and assignments will be fine with 12GB RAM, unless they need to run large amounts of software.

Zoom, Google Meet and other online platforms are used for classes and meetings.

Teachers use platforms such as Google Classroom to track students and keep them on task.

Because they are all cloud-based platforms, these platforms don’t have any RAM requirements.

These files will run quickly online, and you will have an average amount of RAM.

It is better to have 12GB RAM if you are studying design, filmmaking, editing or another similar field.

These courses require a lot of practice. To get better at them, you’ll need to install and use some of the more powerful software.

Assignments and projects will be sent to you that require you to use these platforms.

This means that you may get stuck while taking any course.

8. Entertainment

If you’ve used your computer or laptop only to read books, watch movies, and play random video games, then 12GB RAM is the best choice.

You can stream live videos to different social media channels without any problems.

The 12 GB RAM will be sufficient for virtual reality entertainment such as 3D movies, animations and songs.

12GB RAM is sufficient for all entertainment sources, no matter which channel or source they are from.

If you are a bad user of random apps for entertainment, then 12GB RAM may not be sufficient.

Consider your needs and make a decision.

What is RAM for a Computer?

RAM is crucial for the computer’s performance.

It increases your computer’s speed and loading time.

Some of the heavier applications can be used efficiently and without problems.

RAM isn’t the only factor that affects the performance of any computer.

You won’t get any benefits if you have a slower processor or a smaller storage space.

It is best to choose the right combination of RAM and other features.

RAM uses space on your motherboard so it can cause a loss in freedom if it doesn’t add value to your computer.

1. Allows for storage space to be used with the application

RAM’s primary function is to store the application data.

It stores the cache data and allows the computer to run smoothly.

All of the internal data for the application are stored in the RAM. User data is stored on the hard drive or solid-state disc.

This feature is why computer owners must pay attention to RAM.

You will be able to run high-end applications if you have more RAM.

You might have problems with your computer’s RAM if there is less RAM. Your PC may also start to lag.

2. Increased speed

RAM is an important component of improving computer speed.

It speeds up data processing by storing certain commonly used data and making it easy to access.

The laptop can process data at a lower data hierarchy, which allows for faster processing.

More RAM equals faster processing speed because the computer can store more data.

You can also access multiple programs simultaneously with more RAM. RAM transfers fast data between applications.

3. Enhanced Latency

Latency refers to a computer feature that allows the computer to respond faster to commands.

Your computer will respond faster if it has more RAM.

This means that there are no hang problems when multiple commands are sent to the computer at once.

is 12GB RAM enough for a laptop?

Laptops with 12GB RAM are suitable as most people use them for their daily tasks.

If you plan to run average applications, then 12GB RAM is sufficient.

Many people don’t like to play any intense games on their laptops.

You will not need a lot of RAM to make your laptop run smoothly.

Should You Choose DDR3 or DDR4 RAM?

DDR4 RAMs are faster than DDR3 RAMs.

DDR3 RAM has a maximum capacity of 16 GB.

DDR4 is unlimited, so PC owners can take their computer to the next level.

If you are looking to increase the performance of your computer, it is better to go to DDR4 instead.

If you have DDR3 slots on your motherboard, DDR4 RAM will not fit. You will need to replace the RAM slots.

Here are the three major differences between DDR3 RAM and DDR4 RAM.

1. The Appearance

While most RAM appearances look the same, there are still some differences.

The RAM plate for the DDR3 RAM contains 240 pins, while that of the DDR4 RAM has nearly 260 pins.

The color may also be slightly different.

DDR4 RAMs have darker greens, while DDR3 RAMs have lighter greens.

2. Energy Efficiency

DDR4 RAMs use less energy than DDR3 RAMs.

They are more efficient in energy and produce less heat, which allows them to perform at their best.

3. Data Processing Speed

DDR4 RAMs typically offer speeds of 3200 MT/s, which is a significant benefit considering the time savings.

DDR3 however, has a processing speed of 1,800 Mt/s on average which is quite low.

How to Upgrade RAM in a PC

If you are familiar with basic hardware, upgrading your computer’s RAM is easy.

If you’re new to computers, however, it is best to consult a professional for help.

Follow these steps to upgrade your RAM.

  1. Take out all wires and plugs.
  2. You can now open the casing of your computer.
  3. You should check the RAM space available on your motherboard. If there is not enough RAM space, you can add more slots.
  4. Place the RAM with yellow chips facing towards the plate by removing the RAM plate clips.
  5. Close the clips.

These steps will help you upgrade your RAM quickly and easily.

Check your computer’s configuration before you open it to see if your RAM has been increased.

If the temperature has not increased, inspect the plates and make sure the pins are properly inserted into the clips.


For some situations, 12GB RAM can be a great option, but for others you may need to remove or add more.

It is better to understand your needs before you make a purchase.

This will assist you in making the right buying decision.



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