Is Alienware Worth It? (Pros, Cons, Full Review)

Alienware has become a well-known brand among gamers and multimedia developers.

Many may argue that the brand offers the complete package, with its high-tech, flashy designs.

Most people aren’t sure which gaming brand to choose between Alienware or other brands.

It is mainly due to its high prices.

This article will help determine if Alienware products are worth the cost by weighing their pros and cons.

Is Alienware worth it?

This question has a more complex answer than simply “Yes” or “No”.

It all depends on the product being discussed, what it is used for, and whether you are a tech person.

Alienware laptops can be worth the investment, considering all of the pros and cons.

You would be better off making your own desktops and PCs.

This is possible if you have the time, knowledge and skills.

You might be surprised at the value you get for your money.


1. Elegant Design

Alienware’s boldest and most striking feature is its modern, unique design.

You feel like you’re in another world with the texture and materials of the laptops and desktop sets.

Alienware makes its products stiff and rigid by using anodized aluminum and platinum, copper and magnesium.

Cool RGB lighting is a common feature in Alienware pieces.

The model you choose will determine if the RGB lighting is visible on the Alienware logo and keyboard as well as the edges and casings of your laptops and trackpads.

Alienware’s command center allows you to customize the colors and lights.

You can customize each key individually on newer laptops and have lots of fun being creative.

Newer laptop models are more rounded and have a less aggressive look.

The flashing lights were limited to a few spots on the laptops. This gave the devices a more elegant appearance.

Alienware’s bright gadgets have stood out from their competition.

2. Powerful Performance and Features

This company is a leader in the gaming industry. Its devices will give you an advantage over other gamers.

They are willing to sacrifice weight and dimension for performance as their main objective.

The latest models are slimmer and support the same high-end hardware.

Alienware’s latest desktops and laptops include the 10 th generation Intel Core processors with Nvidia Super GPUs.

You will enjoy exceptional performance and vivid gaming, while also having incredible content creation capabilities.

Alienware laptops feature video RAM rather than ordinary RAM. This increases the gaming experience.

They offer a quick response time of 9 ms, high-voltage driving fans and dynamic thermal control.

The most recent desktop models feature an innovative liquid cooling GPU technology that brings significant improvements and reduces noise.

Even older models have a liquid cooling system to cool the CPU.

Alienware products offer a wide range of customization options.

You can get overclockable CPUs and GPUs as well as dual SSDs and OLED panels.

3. Innovation

Alienware laptops have the Tobii optical tracker. This allows you to log in more easily with a biometric login.

Facial recognition technology makes it unnecessary to enter a password.

The latest laptops have a new cooling system that maintains optimal temperature and increases performance.

Alienware’s clear-coat paint formula is resistant to stains and smudges. This allows you to snack while gaming, without worrying about staining precious devices.

The most recent headset models include custom-tuned drivers and custom-designed acoustic chambers and earcups. Retractable microphones provide excellent voice quality.

4. A wide range of screen options

Although these extra screen features may not be necessary for all, it is nice to have them.

You have the option of 4K, G–SYNC and a higher refresh speed, which are perfect for gaming.

Alienware 120-Hz screens are available for games running at 60 frames per second or more.

5. High-Quality Touchpads and Keyboards

The newest desktop keyboards are equipped with the Cherry MX keys of the latest generation, which have key durability of 50,000,000 keystrokes!

They can also be programmed.

Efficiency in gaming is made possible by the floating key architecture and enhanced ergonomics.

Alienware laptops come with reliable and high-quality keyboards that are indispensable for gaming.

You can type quickly and easily with great core typing, clear lettering fonts, and crisp feedback.

The touchpad is well-designed and included in the laptops.

Newer models have precision-point touchpads made of glass that provide a great gaming experience.

You can click on the surface but not below.

They are easy to use and ideal for gaming.

Alienware devices have touchpads and keys that can be customized with customizable colors.

6. Support and warranty

Alienware systems can be easily overclocked to make them stable and safe.

Alienware gives you the ability to search Reddit, YouTube and Quora for the answer to your questions.

But convenience does not end there.

All Dell and Alienware products are supported by excellent customer service.

They provide both web and phone service.

Alienware offers a standard guarantee on all of its products.

This includes two-way shipping and one-year hardware support. In-home service is also available once the problem has been remotely diagnosed.

The company also offers other warranties that can be quite expensive, but it is wise to obtain them for large investments like Alienware laptops.

The first is the “Premium support” program, where the Dell support agents diagnose the problem and connect you with an Alienware rep.

The “Support Plus”, an upgraded version, will optimize your PC’s performance and eliminate viruses.

These packages can be purchased for up to four years.

7. Review

Customers may disagree about Alienware’s overpriced products, but gamers who do actually purchase the devices are generally satisfied with the end result.

Alienware desktops and gaming laptops have received many great reviews.

The headphones provide excellent feedback.


1. Expensive

Everyone knows Alienware is a high-end brand.

Some people believe that the additional features and details are worth the extra cost.

However, not everyone believes the devices are too expensive.

The main issue is the brand’s desktop computers.

Their laptops are however quite expensive.

Although Alienware laptops may not be the most expensive, some customers feel that they are worth the extra money.

It is not unfair to say that their prices have improved over the years. You can also find affordable prices if you search for great deals.

Alienware’s average products are still in the gaming middle-range. They don’t sell gaming laptops or desktops at a budget price.

2. Unbalanced Systems

Alienware is accused of being too strict with its hardware.

They allocate approximately $1,000 to the processor in the Aurora computer line.

As long as your overall device quality is not compromised, it’s fine to get the best processor available.

They don’t include an SSD or a video card of high quality to accompany the processor.

They might also be able to improve the quality of their power supplies or motherboards.

This strategy doesn’t increase the overall performance of your computer.

Many gamers believe that Dell uses low-quality motherboards and RAMs in their Alienware products.

3. Left Out Details

Alienware may use a high-end processor to sell its products, according to some.

So, the majority of consumers will assume that all parts are the same quality as the processor.

However, the i9 processor is not as fast as the i7, if it isn’t paired with the correct GPU, RAM, or HDD.

This theory is made more concerning when certain details are left out of product descriptions.

They never seem to forget about their high-tech processors but never mention who makes their other components.

Worse, they don’t specify the motherboard or power supply they use.

This information is vital to help you understand what you are getting.

Your system will last for years with high-quality power supplies and motherboards.

They may choose speed over quality when assembling their products and end up with a high failure rate.

Reports have come out that laptops were not functioning or operating with basic flaws after they were delivered.

4. Cooling Issues

Alienware laptops are prone to cooling issues, as they place a lot of emphasis on performance.

You can install additional components or push the limits of your specs with this brand.

Upgrades are expensive and can increase your CPU temperature.

Temperatures above 90°C could cause damage to the components of the laptop.

To keep your laptop cool, you will need to reduce boost frequency and power draw.

It is possible to raise the laptop’s back by using this method.

5. Laptops that are heavy and thick

Alienware makes high-performance laptops, but they aren’t always the most attractive or lightest.

This could be viewed as either a pro or con depending on your personal preferences.

They are heavier than other gaming laptops because they have thicker casings.

This is a good option if you plan to keep your laptop at home and use it only for gaming.

It can be annoying for people who travel frequently with their laptops.

Alienware’s latest laptop models, such as the M15 and M17, are lighter and more compact.

It’s still a smart idea to compare the weight and dimensions of your devices with other brands so that you don’t get shocked when they arrive.

6. Inadequacy of SD Card Slot

Alienware’s laptop designs don’t have an SD card slot, unlike its competitors.

This could pose a problem for photographers, video editors, and others who work with portable storage media.

The problem is not difficult to solve.

An easy solution is to purchase a USB SD Card reader.

7. It’s possible to build your PC for less!

Many gamers are very familiar with computers and desktops. They believe you can build a PC for less money, but the same quality as Alienware’s.

They claim that you will know the quality of the components and parts if you design them yourself.

It is possible to save money on your overall system or buy more parts.

It’s easy to build your own PC.

It is possible to learn more online.

Although it will take time and you will need to master the basics, it will be well worth it.

Who Should Purchase Alienware?

Alienware is a great choice if you are looking for a laptop capable of handling high-end video processing, intensive sound editing, streaming, and advanced programming or any other multimedia development.

Although their laptops may be more expensive than others, you will know that you are getting a reliable and durable device.

Alienware is the best choice if you are looking for a desktop but don’t have any computer skills and still want to be able to use it as a productive tool.

This is because even low-end models can be great computers.

You will end up with a solution no matter what your choice.

Alienware, on the other hand, is not a good choice for tech-savvy users who want to build their computers and customize them.

You can build your own car if you are a member of this group.

Everyone has their own preferences, needs and budgets.

You decide which brand and model are best for you.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Are Alienware’s Prices Too High?

This topic is up for discussion.

Alienware, according to many, sells its products at a much higher price than their actual value.

The product line and the model will determine the markup.

Alienware desktops are more at risk.

Others, however, believe that the modern design and high-tech technology are well worth the investment.

2. What is Alienware so special?

Alienware is a popular choice for hardcore gamers.

Alienware products are distinguished by their unique design.

Many people will be impressed by the texture and RGB lighting options.

They also use the most recent technology in their pieces. This focuses mainly on speed, strength, and performance.

These elements create an enjoyable gaming experience.

Alienware allows you to customize your products, which can help you increase the performance.

All of these however come at a steep price.

The company also offers decent customer service and additional warranty programs that you may be able to purchase.

3. Are Alienware and Apple better than Alienware?

Comparing Alienware to Apple is like comparing apples with oranges.

Both brands offer high-quality products that will meet different needs. However, they are also suitable for different individuals.

Alienware is the obvious choice if you are looking for high-end video games with high processing power and large storage areas.

Alienware products also work well for people who prefer Windows, and can carry more weight.

Apple products are great for students, businessmen, and anyone who is creative with motion graphics, design, editing, and office.

They are lightweight and easy to transport.

If you are considering buying an Apple product, you should be familiar with iOS systems.



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