13 Best Liquidation Stores In UK with Best Deals In 2022

Since the pandemic, it has been hard for wholesalers to get rid of their products. Wholesalers have had difficulty getting rid of their products since the pandemic.

You should be familiarized with the UK’s top liquidation services. Today, we’ll tell you about 13 liquidation shops in the UK that can help you liquidate your assets.

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The List Of 13 Best Liquidation Shops in The UK-:

Marthill International


Marthill has everything you need if you’re looking for home decor, clothing, furniture, and accessories at a fraction of the retail price.

If you are a wholesaler, this is the right place to go.



Wholesale clearance is the largest online liquidation shop in the UK. They ship anywhere in the UK for as low as PS2.99.

They are able to handle large orders quickly, making them efficient as a liquidation shop. You need wholesale clearance.

Daniel Thomson group


The Daniel Thomson group is one of the UK’s oldest liquidation businesses.. They are trustworthy and can help quickly.

Their network is spread across the UK, making them highly reliable in the market. This isn’t an issue if you are a reseller.

Top down trading

Top-down trading is another major player in the UK liquidation store market.

They can choose from their excess production units, liquidation stock and excess production units. They are ideal for traders of all kinds. You can also get discounts for orders above PS10,000.

Clearance stock


The UK’s liquidation shop is located in Manchester. They sell surplus stock and liquidation stock. Bulk clearance stock can be purchased at a fraction the price.

Orders shipped from the UK are free of delivery fees. Wholesale clearance stock is also available at no additional charge. They are the perfect liquidation store.


Gem wholesale was established in the UK as the OG industry for liquidation shops. Their strong relationships with top-end brands such as homeware and toys are a testament to their success.

They are an excellent place to wholesale. Buckley has a Buckley warehouse that covers 80,000 square feet.

They require a minimum order of PS300 but promise quick delivery within 2-3 days. They are a great place for investors.


Merkandi is a UK-based international liquidation shop. It has over 75,000 customers across more than 150 countries. The website offers steel deals, including surplus, liquidation and clearance lots.

They offer discounts up to 90% on retail prices which is why they are so popular. You can buy any product in unlimited quantities.


Britdeals is a large liquidation store located in the UK.

They deliver in a very fast manner, with orders placed within 2 to 3 business days. BritDeals is one of the UK’s most renowned liquidation shops.


I-bidder lets UK residents purchase surplus, liquidation stock and clearance stock at a fraction the price. These prices can vary from one auction house to another.

Before you can buy anything on i bidder, your profile must be verified and approved by the auctioneer. It’s also listed in our top liquidation shops in Britain.

You can also check Liquidation Stores Canada


Wholesale Scout, another well-known liquidation shop based in the UK, is also known. They are able to offer a wide range of liquidation services, including bulk orders and high-quality lots. They have extensive knowledge in liquidation stocks as well as excess production units.

They can get top-brands and high quality products. If you need bulk pallets of wholesale products, the wholesale scout should be your first choice.


UKstocksupplies.com is the UK’s most popular wholesale store. They only buy liquidation stocks and clearance lots of top-end brands. Their products are very popular among wholesalers.

End-of-the-line products can also be found on their website. UKstocksuppliers.com is a great site to buy liquidation stocks.


Even though this liquidation store is not as big as the others, it can still do the job. 


B-stock connects large US retailers like Costco and Walmart to global customers.


These are the UK’s most trusted liquidation shops. They can increase their margins and make it easier to buy wholesale pallets.

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