10 Best & Well Known Canadian YouTubers In (2022)

YouTube is home to many video creators. YouTube is completely free and you don’t have to pay anything to view videos from your favorite YouTubers. YouTube gets most of its revenue through ads. YouTube was founded in 2009 and has seen many video makers join it. YouTube allows users to share videos and earn money.

It’s here to stay and won’t be moving anywhere. YouTube is a country with many YouTube stars. In recent years, many more have made their way onto YouTube.

They are all highly respected figures in their respective fields. You can learn a lot by learning from them. Some of these people have been online for more than a decade.

Here’s a list of 10 top YouTubers from Canada:

Evan Fong

Evan Fong was born 31/05/1992. His channel, VanossGaming (also known as Vanoss), is his YouTube channel. He posts montage videos, in which he collaborates with other creators.

He is a man of Asian descent and was born in Toronto.

He was a friend and collaborator with other creators during his early years. He signed a Jetpak deal and reached 10 million subscribers by 205.

His logo is an owl that looks like a V and is similar to the character he plays in GTA V. He was steadily growing his channel and began to get more attention.

Evan Fong stated that authentic content is what people love. This may explain his success.

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is also known as Superwoman or iiSuperwomanii. She was her first YouTube username.

Lilly Singh was born in Scarborough (Ontario) on 26 September 1988. She was ranked third on the Forbes list of the highest-paid YouTubers in 2016.

She has been awarded numerous awards for her amazing work on YouTube. These include two Teen Choice Awards and one MTV Fandom Award.

She is one of the most prominent comedians in comedy. Her brand has been steadily improving, making her one of the most popular Canadian YouTubers.

Lilly Singh’s book How to be a Bawse also reached the top of the New York Times bestsellers lists. SuperwomanVlogs, which she vlogs every single day of her life, is another channel she started.

Lilly Singh was appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Her videos often reference Punjabi culture and make satires of prominent issues.

Lilly Singh, before her YouTube success, was also a background dancer in a few Bollywood films.

Lauren Riihimaki

LaurDIY is her real name. She hosts one of the most popular DIY channels in the nation. She began creating DIY tutorial videos in her first year at Toronto University.

Lauren Riihimaki was awarded a Streamy Award and a Shorty Award. She shares her daily life and uploads it.

Her web series, “Served by laurDIY”, was also created. It was featured on Facebook Watch.

Lauren Riihimaki initially planned to upload sewing videos to her YouTube channel. However, she decided to change to DIY due to the high demand. Lauren Riihimaki is a Ryerson University graduate in Graphics Communications Management.

She will host and serve as executive producer for HBO Max’s Craftopia competition series. She continues to produce great content.


StefSanjati was born on 27th November 1995. She is one of Canada’s most well-known YouTubers. Sanjati is French-Croatian, and of Croatian heritage.

She’s an incredible YouTuber. Her passion for bread is what has made BreadSquad her name.

Waardenburg Syndrome gave her an unusual appearance.

She stated in an interview that she was bullied because of her feminine appearance and unique facial characteristics.

She had facial feminization surgery but the doctor did not alter any Waardenburg features. StefSanjati documented her entire healing process on her channel.

Kurtis Conner

Kurtis Conner, a Canadian citizen, was born May 4, 1994 in Canada. After studying at Hunter College in Toronto, Conner moved to Vine where he began his career.

His channel saw tremendous growth in 2017. In 2017, his channel saw tremendous growth.

He loves making lighthearted videos and has collaborated with Vine friends Drew Gooden and Danny Gonzalez.

Kurtis Conner has more than 3,000,000 YouTube subscribers and 320,000 podcast listeners. His ability to speak out on important issues is well-known.

Humble the Poet

Humble, also known as Kanwar Sing is a Canadian YouTuber who is best known for his work in rap music.

Kanwar Singh is well-known as a spoken-word artist. Kanwar Singh is also a well-known spoken-word artist.

He began uploading his own videos on YouTube in 2008 and has been working in spoken word and rap since then.

Kanwar Singh was on tour worldwide, collaborated with YouTubers such as Lilly Singh and created two music videos, #LEH and #IVIVI. Kanwar Singh was also the 2017 Canada Reads Book Contest Winner.

Kanwar Singh appeared on Talk Shows such as A Little Late With Lilly Singh. Jay Shetty was also there. Kanwar Singh also stated that he would start a podcast called Humble the Poet Daily’ish. We are eager to hear more. Kanwar Singh is one of Canada’s most viewed YouTubers, with over 15,000,000 views.

Simply Nailogical

Simply Nailogical or Cristine Raquel Rothenberg, is a Canadian YouTuber who focuses on nail art.

Simply Nailogical was established in Richmond Hill, Ontario on 17 October 1988. Each channel has its own content.

She also holds a master’s degree in sociology. Her first video was launched in 2014. The channel grew steadily. She initially focused on videos of nail art that were under two minutes in length. Later she added more videos to her channel.

At first she was shy around the camera, but soon started to do voice-overs and then appeared on camera. She is passionate about holographic products and has been featured in many of her videos.

She uploaded an instructional video where she used over 100 coats of nail polish. Her ability to gain instant popularity has made her one of the most popular Canadian YouTubers.

Matthew Santoro

Matthew Santoro is a Canadian YouTube personality well-known for his listing videos.

His channel is very popular with over 1,000,000 combined views He started posting videos to TikTok and other channels which are more popular.

Many of his videos are popular with catchy titles such as “10 Forbidden Places That You Are Not Allowed To Visit!” or “10 Extremely Bizarre Phobias People Have! “

Matthew Santoro made a video in which he confessed to being abused by his partner. However, he lost his job in 2012. After that, he began to make YouTube videos full-time.

Matthew Santoro has been one of the most popular YouTubers in Canada because of his ability to recognize trends.

Ina Mihalache

Ina Mihalache was founded on 14 May 1985. Her YouTube personality, Solange, is well-known in Canada.

She portrays art, culture and emotions through her videos. France Televisions employs her as a voice-over editor.

Ina Mishache is a journalist and journalist who has been working in France 3’s documentary EtrangesAffairs.com. Ina also wrote a book called Solangeteparle which was based on her experiences surfing the Internet.

Ina Mihalache performs many roles on stage. Because of her charm and versatility,

Her many acting roles have earned her much praise. She also shares her experiences and journey on her blog

Solange is an eccentric character who often advises young women.

Steven Wallis

Steven Wallis was a Vancouver native. He is a Canadian YouTuber best known for his outdoor videos.

He is a YouTuber who focuses on outdoor recreation and camping videos. His unique approach to camping has made him a popular channel since 2010.

There are many other camping styles than the traditional. He started to show them off in his YouTube videos.

He has over 500 000 subscribers. You are free to just enjoy the videos and not do anything.

His videos are informative, entertaining and fun. He hopes to inspire people with his videos.


Now you know YouTubers who have achieved great success in their fields.

It is not easy to create a niche on a platform like YouTube. It’s not easy to create a niche on a platform like YouTube.

Editing videos takes a lot of work and adding effects takes even more. Consider how much time these YouTubers spent on this video.

We believe that the top Canadian YouTubers are those listed above. They will likely be in any niche you choose. They are entertaining creators, even if they don’t exist.

YouTube’s most-watched sector is fashion. YouTube is home to many fashion vloggers.

YouTubers from Canada who excel at their craft are proof that it’s a success.

These talents can work their magic for you and you’ll hopefully get everything you need.

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