10 Best (Most Demanding) Freelance Skills for 2022[Solid Data]

A survey by PayPal conducted in 2017 found that freelancers in India earn an average of Rs.2 million annually. 500 people were interviewed. The results were published by PayPal in January 2018.

Survey respondents said that their income rose significantly in 2017. According to the report, Indian freelancers were able to earn high incomes from projects in the US and Australia.

What does this mean?

These numbers are a reminder that freelance work is increasing in India. They earn more than what they would receive for a 9-5 job.

Experts predict that India’s freelance market will reach US$30billion by 2025. These are available on well-respected portals that offer such work.

It’s easy to see how high salaries would encourage people to freelance. Only 5% of freelancers earn more than Rs.500,000 annually, while 23 percent make Rs.250,000 each year.

Be aware of the current freelance skill demand

Freelance skills are highly in demand. These skills can lead to very high salaries.

These Are The Top Freelance Skills in Demand:

1. Social Media Management (SMM).

Social media isn’t just for a hobby anymore. Many companies, big and small, have multiple profiles on various social networks.

While it sounds simple, social media management is a challenging job that requires knowledge of social media.

Social media managers manage the company’s online presence.

Social media management is a job that you can pursue.

2. Web and Mobile Development

All businesses should have an online presence because of the rapid growth in e-commerce globally. Businesses of all sizes have the potential to expand and thrive on new markets.

The demand for web and mobile developers is high.

3. Internet Research 

Internet research can be a vast field. This is how you search the Internet for free data. Data analysis from websites is also included.

E-commerce also includes related fields like internet research.

Other functions include analyzing metrics like the number of people who visit a website, their preferences for product or service, time spent on the site, and the time they spend there.

4. Data Entry 

Data Entry is a common skill. This skill is easy to learn and can be used by anyone with basic computer skills. Data Entry is another popular way to make a high income.

Data entry is very fast and requires precision.

5. Web Design 

Web design is dominating the freelance market. The overwhelming demand for websites is high.

Web design is a very popular skill that freelancers can also learn. It is because domain names and hosting are so cheap that many people can create websites to promote fanfare or personal blogs.

6. Accounting

Due to rising real estate prices, Small- and medium-sized companies have struggled to rent or purchase offices. Employees are encouraged to telecommute and many other crucial functions are outsourced to freelancers.

Many businesses don’t have enough employees to staff their offices. These businesses look for people who can perform these tasks as freelancers.

7. Graphic Design 

Freelancing offers you the chance to improve your graphic design skills. Almost every crowdsourcing platform accepts freelancers.

According to surveys across the globe, graphic designers are becoming more freelance. Freelancers may also be used to source unique designs for businesses.

8. Consultancy 

Many professionals quit their jobs to start their own consulting companies This allows them flexibility while earning additional income.

Law, marketing, finance, human resource development and architecture are all areas that are highly sought-after in the freelance industry. Indian consultants are an excellent resource for foreign companies looking to establish ventures in India.

9. Recruiter

Foreign companies are now looking for Indian talent via the Make in India or Skills India programs launched by India’s government. This includes interviewing and selecting qualified candidates for a job. Engineering and medicine are closely followed.

10. Content writer

Content writing can be a great skill for freelancers. You need exceptional writing skills, fluency in English or other major languages, extensive research and a good grasp of current affairs.

While content writing may seem easy, it’s not for everyone. Content writers are in high demand.

11. Editor

Editors are not necessarily editors of newspapers or magazines. They can edit and insert keywords to improve search engine optimization.

Companies that publish in-house magazines often need freelance editors. These companies outsource this job to freelancers.

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High Demand Freelance Skills

These are just a few of the many skills that are highly sought after.

  • Social Media Management: To manage company social media pages.
  • Cybersecurity: Freelancers look for loopholes in ecommerce websites and find them.
  • Event Management is the management and organization of events for individuals or companies.
  • Tourism guides – This is a highly sought after freelance skill due to the rise in travel from India to other countries.
  • Specialty chefs are required by TV stations to host cooking shows, hotels or resorts for culinary festivals.
  • Mystery shoppers
  • Journalists: For almost two centuries, freelance journalism has been a common profession. This profession is highly in demand.
  • Virtual assistants: This is another skill that’s always in high demand. Virtual assistants are available for many functions.
  • Part-time bartenders are also available. They are highly sought-after, especially for private parties.
  • Cabbies – Taxi aggregators are generating a lot of demand for taxi drivers that can transport passengers for only a few hours per day.

Freelancer Salaries

These figures illustrate the income structure and salaries of freelancers. Freelancers are paid in three ways.

  • Hourly rate: Clients charge Freelancers an hourly rate
  • Project rate: Freelancers are paid to complete projects to the satisfaction and within a set deadline.
  • Bid – Freelancers can offer to bid for a job or provide their prices.

Reception for Payment

Freelancers get paid when a project has been completed to their satisfaction. Payments are released after the freelancer submits the project and the client expresses satisfaction.

Freelancers don’t like the idea of websites keeping money in an escrow account until clients approve them. There have been many discussions about how to make the system work to protect both the employer and freelancer.

International clients usually pay via PayPal.

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