10 Best Liquidation Stores In Costco You Must Try in 2022

Everybody in business wants to find the best deals. Costco offers many liquidation shops that will help you save money while maximizing your profits.

This allows businesses the freedom to buy and sell bulk items without worrying about clearances or other business-related issues. To help you find high-quality products at affordable prices, we have created a list.

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Here’s a list with the 10 most liquidation stores in Costco.

Walmart Canada

Walmart is the best Liquidation Shop, if you are looking for low-cost deals in many sections.

Walmart is known for its uncompromising quality. Walmart auctions are open to all types of buyers. One can trade in pallets, truckloads, or lots depending on the purpose.

Walmart sells all of its merchandise through multiple outlets which guarantees high quality. Walmart has over 350 liquidation shops across Canada including Mississauga and Ontario. Here you can purchase stationary for your child and affordable clothing.

Amabec Liquidation Inc.

Amabec Liquidation Inc. is a trusted liquidation shop in Costco that offers the best solution for all businesses.

They offer liquidation products in a variety of sizes including truckloads, pallets, and lots. Participants in auctions are also possible.

For any questions or concerns regarding the process, they provide customer support.

They also work closely with independent sellers across the country. For more personalized needs, you can contact the Amabec Liquidation Team.

Direct Liquidation

Direct liquidation is a great liquidation store, especially for those who are just starting out in liquidation. Direct liquidation works with smaller quantities and offers strong customer support.

Because of their close relationships with top-demanded manufacturers and retailers, they have access a wide variety of products to meet different customer needs.

Direct Liquidation has been a pioneer in the industry. Direct Liquidation is a revolutionary store in this industry. This covers refurbished product material.

You can begin with a smaller number of items as a First Test initiative. It was created to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Closeout king

Closeout King is another great choice for wholesalers looking to buy bulk merchandise lots.

They purchase products wholesale under a brand name. The liquidation store works closely to overstock vendors, flea market vendors, wholesalers and auctioneers to get the best deals.

They have a large selection of products to choose from, including designer perfumes, sunglasses, books and jewelry, electronic toys and housewares, as well as electronics toys and household items.

Vdc Canada

VDC has been a trusted and well-respected liquidation store. They sell liquidation products wholesale at wholesale prices and customer returns pallets.

They are known for their flexibility pricing and affordability. High-priced goods can be found in truckloads.

The liquidation store was founded in 1999. It has expanded to include many products, including garden supplies and dollar shops, office for jobs, baby gears appliances, tools and fragrances, clothing and footwear, accessories and hardware as well as sporting goods, luggage and bags and electronics.

Customers can come to the VDC warehouse ahead of time to view all products. This is one advantage of the VDC warehouse. Customers can come to the VDC warehouse in advance to see all the products.

Tech Liquidators

Tech Liquidators is one of Costco’s most respected and trusted liquidation stores.

Tech Liquidators is, as the name suggests, one of the most trusted liquidation shops for tech-related items. There are smartphones, tablets and cellphones.

Tech-related items can be found as well as toys and garden products. Liquidators can sell high-quality commodities for a low price using a qualified seller program.

Tech Liquidations can be your best choice if you are looking for bulk liquidated goods. You can reach them via their phone number or email if you have questions. Interested parties can also contact them to take part in their auctions.

Aaa Closeout Liquidations

AA Closeout provides many opportunities for people who want to make a profit. The high fees charged by AA Closeout for finding leads and information about liquidation sales are a major reason.

Despite the limited product line of AAA Closeout Liquidations, it has retained a loyal customer base. AAA Closeout was also featured by Forbes magazine to further cement its credibility.

It has received a high rating from D&B and is ranked among top liquidation Canada-based platforms by Alexa. Great deals and offers can help you save money.

Canada Liquidation Sales

Canada Liquidation Sales has a reputation for being a respected name in liquidation. Its services are both high-quality and reliable.

Their track record includes purchasing more than 800 tractor-trail loads of merchandise each year.

You will first need to create an account on their portal. You can then check their prices.

They specialize in surplus stock, closeouts, and liquidation sales. Canada Liquidation Sales can be a great place to begin if you are a boat buyer or seller.

Core Liquidations

Next, we recommend a reliable, experienced, and affordable liquidation shop recommendation. Customers will not be allowed to place smaller orders.

They sometimes require a $500 minimum order to open an account. They are one of the top liquidation stores in Costco.

This is the most economical liquidation shop. They regularly update their stock with new material so that you can find a wide variety of products.

Stationery, student supplies, and baby products are just some of the many examples.

This website is a great starting point for your search. Their staff is professional and has years of wholesaling experience. You can also visit their FAQs or blogs for more information.

Trade Zones Liquidations

We have one last recommendation: Trading Zones Liquidations. They are a wholesaler but also offer coaching services.

Trade zones Liquidations offers a wide range of reliable, high-quality pellets for sale in Canada.

Trade Areas Liquidations purchases stick mainly from businesses. Trade zone Liquidations helped many brands keep their name clean during bankruptcy.

New buyers may find the quotation process confusing and difficult. Experienced buyers will find it easy.

Trade Zone Liquidations is worth a look, even though it is best to have a large budget for transactions.


Here are our top picks for Costco’s most liquidation shops. Send us your suggestions and picks for liquidation shops.

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