10 Best Liquidation Stores In Canada To Try in 2022

A liquidation shop can make you a lot of cash by selling low-priced items that can be resold at a higher price. Canada also has a variety of liquidation shops.

This article lists top Canadian stores currently liquidating. Take a look.

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This is the list of top 10 liquidation stores in Canada.

VDC Canada


These goods are more expensive and only available in truckloads

It was founded in 1996. It is Canada’s largest wholesale company. They offer liquidation products, customer returns pallets and wholesale closeouts.

They supply many flea market vendors, exporters and auctions sellers with their products.

Canada Liquidation Sales


Review the Reviews

Canada liquidation sells merchandise from well-known brands across the country. The company can buy as many as 800 tractor-trailer loads of merchandise each year.

Many appliances including quality electronics can be found in the product range.

Canada liquidation sales offers liquidation service at very reasonable prices. They sell surplus and closeout stock.

They have extensive market experience and can convert any surplus inventory into wholesale liquidation products. This liquidation store provides boat buyers and sellers great opportunities.

Walmart Canada


Walmart stores receive many returns each day.

Walmart lets you purchase pallets, lots, or trucks of liquidation items. Each product comes from different Walmart stores.

This liquidation shop will ensure there is a market.

Amabec Liquidation Inc.


Amabec Liquidation is another great option in liquidation.

This will give you a clear picture of what you’re buying, the process involved, and the estimated cost.

The largest wholesaler in Montreal. They sell many items, including liquidation shops, flea market sellers and online sellers like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, as well as independent shops.

They own most of their inventory. Due to their enormous buying power, they are able to sell liquidation and chocolate at very high prices.

Department Store Liquidations


India’s department stores liquidations work in direct partnership with Walmart.

Due to direct contact with Walmart, and transactions with them, they are the most highly-rated liquidation store in Canada. Department Store Liquidations claim that customer service is their number one priority.

By liquidating excess stock and wholesale closeouts directly from the stores. You can often make a lot more than wholesale.

Direct Liquidation


The United States and Canada offer direct liquidation.

A wholesaler is an excellent choice for someone who is new to the market. The wholesaler offers a 90-day warranty on refurbished products.

Direct liquidation has experienced a shift in the market for liquidation products. This includes product misrepresentation, low-grade products and low-grade products. There are a few tier 2/3 brands. Direct liquidation offers many products that can be tailored to different customer needs.

They can establish exclusive relationships with the most sought-after manufacturers and retailers. Customers can use smaller quantities to test their demand.

Tech Liquidators


This liquidation shop is not a wholesaler. The qualified sellers program of the liquidator has enabled them to identify a variety of sources that can supply high-quality, highly-valued products.

This is an outstanding store among liquidation Canada stores. You can buy cell phones, smartphones, and accessories from this shop.

Tech liquidations is Canada’s largest online auction site. They have been trusted since 1999.

This is due to their exceptional management of the auction platform, and their loyal customers who continue to rely on them for quality products.

Core Liquidations


It is possible to think that this company is a wholesaler and won’t be capable of selling smaller orders. They offer very low minimum orders, which makes them attractive to individuals across Canada.

This liquidation store was simply added to our list.

The inventory they have is always changing so that you can get new products frequently. Because of their vast experience in wholesale, it is no surprise that they are one the most trusted names in liquidation Canada.

AAA Closeout Liquidations

The wholesaler buys material only from Canadian shops. They have been in business for 36 years, and have a loyal customer and fan base.

They also offer an excellent finder fee, which is why they’re so popular. People looking to make a living off their services have many options.

This store has 42 years of liquidation experience. Alexa ranked them on the top liquidation websites worldwide.

D & B has given them an outstanding rating for their service since 1979.

Trade Zones

Trade Zones offers full-service selling and coaching.

They focus only on buying directly from businesses.

An experienced buyer will have little to no problems with you.


This article lists the top Canadian liquidation stores. We think we did a great job. You can refer to this article for more information about the top liquidation shops in Canada.


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