10 Best and Similar Apps Like Grindr You Should Try (2022)

Everyone agrees that holiday travel is all about meeting new people. It doesn’t matter if it’s the new friend you made on holiday or the guy you fell in love with, this is what makes a trip great.

The abundance of gay hookup apps worldwide is what’s helping us. These apps are more than friendship and flings. In some countries you will visit, they may be essential to learn more about the gay scene. We have reviewed Grindr apps to help you find love.

You might enjoy gay saunas on your travels, but there are no other options for connecting with gay people in countries where homosexuality has been severely condemned or made underground.

Take a look at the apps like Grindr below to choose the one that best suits your needs.


What you will find: Fun Dates and Serious Relationships

How it works Search for matches and receive match recommendations

Zoosk is a global dating platform that has a large footprint. This network of dating groups has attracted more than 40 million members. You can access the app and site in over 80 countries. The Zoosk signup process is something gay men love about it. Sign up through Facebook to get onboard in seconds. Then, head to the Carousel and browse the local dates. While free users have access to support and can request things, paying subscribers have the ability to send unlimited messages or interactive presentations. Zoosk leaders average more than 3,000,000 messages per day.

Zoosk uses psychological matchmaking in order to find compatible individuals. It suggests profiles that are similar to the ones you’ve used and enjoyed. This means that the more accounts you like, comment, and share, the more successful your matches will be.



  • What you will find: Fun dates, serious relationships, friends, social networking
  • How it works Search for matches and receive match recommendations

Taimi, a brand new app for gay men seeking real connections, elevates the game. It is the first app to combine gay dating opportunities with a gay network. This will give you endless opportunities to form meaningful relationships quickly and easily.

We appreciate the fact that Taimi uses special authentication and verification mechanisms to ensure that users are protected from fraudulent accounts. There is nothing worse than the right to professional catfish. There are also groups that users can join to discuss, organize events, work with NGOs, and collaborate.

A partnership has been established with Trevor Project, so users can access Trevor from their accounts. Users also have the ability to make video calls. This makes Taimi one of the most popular gay apps currently available.



What you will find: Fun dates, hookups, friends, social networking

How it works Search for matches and receive match recommendations

It’s healthy and free if you need to narrow down your options. Grindr’s consumers are a bit older and less observant than Grindr’s, but they still have plenty of options with the rising popularity of Grindr.

Although Scruff is used more for hooking ups than their main competitor, they also offer a match option if you are looking for a date. You can travel anywhere in the world, as well as to your local area. Additionally, you can arrange a meeting at your destination in advance.

Although it doesn’t have the same mass as Grindr it is less likely that it will be banned in LGBT-friendly countries.

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What are you going to find?Networking and Dating

There are many similarities between Hornet, Grindr, and Hornet, but the newer Hornet is smoother and has fewer annoying ads popping up on Grindr for you and your new piece. You can also see more photos so that you can verify that your profile pic is not an exception!

Hornet’s community features, which allow users to network beyond just dating, are what makes Hornet so appealing for gay travelers. You can view videos and track users to get alerts. It also allows you to see what’s happening around you. This gives you a glimpse into the local gay community. You might find it easier to use Grindr in Latin America than in other countries.



What are you going to find?Hookups and Chats

BeNaughty is a great place to find a quick date. This adult-only website features thousands of sex profiles and encourages chats live.

Anyone over 18 can be BeNaughty. This hookup platform is open to all sex lovers, regardless of their orientation.

BeNaughty can make gay daters great wingmen. Search plugins, encrypted messaging, and location-based Like Gallery will make it easy for gay singles to find sexually compatible partners within a few miles. Be Naughty is available in the UK and other English-speaking countries.

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Planet Romeo

What are you going to find? Hookups, Dates

It all started in Berlin, and now it is spread around the globe, helping people to meet friends, date, or learn more about LGBT issues. It aims to make the world a safe and welcoming place where you can live your queer life.

It’s free to use the app and all you have to do is create a profile to connect with thousands of men around the world. Filtering down allows you to avoid having your feet full of people who aren’t interested in your heart. You can also save your favorite guys. You can download it in Europe, so you should get it the next time that you travel there.



What are you going to find?Dates and Social Networking

Wait, what? Is this the largest gay social network in the world? It’s easy to believe it was Grindr, but Blued is the best in terms of usage. Why? What? It has been established in China, and the majority of its 27,000,000 users are Chinese. China’s web repression is rampant and Blued is an alternative to Grindr.

Its founder was a former policeman who is committed to LGBT rights. We appreciate Hornet’s involvement with the network. It’s the same as its parent: it’s about creating a stable network with checked profiles functionality, the chance to go live with your followers, and group discussions. It is a great way to connect with gay communities in your area, especially Asia.



What to expect:Dates. Social Networking. Hookups.

We know Tinder is not a legal gay hookup site, but we want to be clear. It was originally created as a Grindr site for straight men. However, many gays use it. Although it is more geared towards dating, that doesn’t mean it should be.

Tinder has the obvious advantage for gay travelers. It doesn’t have the association of homosexuality that triggers censors within oppressive systems. Before you can send a message, you must match someone. But, we are sure you will – you’re so cute!



FindDates and Hookups

This gay hookup app is for all bear lovers and bear-lovers. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find bears in your area. This could provide you with insight into the local bear scene, especially if there isn’t a local gay Eagle bar.

You can also send voice and pic messages and direct messaging. Although it is sometimes clunky at times, there are current bear run and bear bars directories. It can also be useful to schedule a night in while you’re visiting a new area. It could even be used by Growlr HOT! Spot purpose to provide Pro features for app users.



Relationships, Hookups and Dates

It works in the same way as Grindr or Scruff. You are paired up with someone who interests you and then you both take it. Its aim to avoid racism and bitterness, which can be seen on other apps, makes it stand out. There is also more variety.

You’ll browse through videos, such as wolves, family members, friends, and others, to find other people with similar interests. If you’re traveling, your match may take you to the scene wherever it is!



Relationships, Hookups and Dates

How it works Search and get match recommendations

Because of its low visibility and avoidance of censors, Surge is another like Tinder-but not device that can be useful for traveling again. It’s easy to use and available to everyone, making it a great choice for beginners to gay users. Spike allows you to ‘work like’ extra-special guys, and you can fit men.

The app is most popular in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles and San Fran, but it is expanding all around the globe. It encourages users to use the app when they travel and wants to create a global community.

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You’ll find:Dates and Relationships. Hookups. Networking.

How it works Search and get match recommendations

Chappy is a gay hookup app’s choice for the man of the hour. He looks elegant and has features that prevent cross-emotional cables. If you are looking for Mr. Good, Mr. Good Now, or Mr. Who knows, then you can choose from a sliding-scale scale and pair up with someone else who is also searching for the same.

If you are traveling, the “now” will be more. It’s always a good idea to have a forceful snapshot of your face and your profile copied by someone else. This is a great option for people looking for a safe place to connect up. What’s the downside to this when you travel? Although it doesn’t offer the most variety, it’s okay if you’re traveling to the UK.


What are you going to find?Dates and Hookups, Networking

How it works Search and get match recommendations

Match, which has 30 million members around the world and a large number of trans and gay memberships, is one of the most popular online dating sites in the region. Match conducted a 2016 study of LGBTQ singles in America and found that 56 percent of them had dated someone they met online. This is a good sign if you’re not just looking to swipe.

Match is a Grindr-like dating app. It’s most unique in that its users are looking for serious relationships and not flings. Match users have reported that 33 percent of them have had relationships that lasted more than six months.


Our Time

What are you going to find?Hookups and Dates

If you are gay, bi or transgender and over 50, OurTime is an excellent alternative to Grindr. OurTime receives over 1.4 million visitors per month. This is not nearly as many people as Grindr’s daily 2.4 million, but it’s still a good alternative to Grindr. It’s easy for you to choose the type of relationship that you want when you sign up for OurTime.

Grindr’s place search function shows you local men in your area. You can narrow your search results by entering certain parameters or checking for Online Now, Today’s Matches and Who’s Seen Me.


Elite Singles

What are you going to find?Hookups and Dates

EliteSingles has a minimum of 82 percent participation with a bachelor’s degree. This makes it a great place for educated men. EliteSingles is a community that encourages long-term, extreme partnerships.

EliteSingles doesn’t look like Grindr, but it is similar to most gay dating sites. This website uses proprietary matchmaking technology based on the Big 5 Personality Model. It ensures that you are matched based on your basic personality traits and interests. This means that you can’t search for matches yourself, but the site will search for you.



You can tap into the gay scene by using apps such as Grindr, Scruff, and Hornet. This will allow you to find hidden gay bars, underground parties and other events. To protect your privacy and unblock certain apps, it is a good idea to use a VPN when you travel in countries where LGBT rights may not be respected.

Grindr dating is not for everyone. There is something for everyone. There are approximately 8,000 other dating websites and apps that feature hot local guys. We have listed some of our favourite alternatives to Grindr.

Even if you don’t like it at home, it is something you will want to do while on the road. These apps can be used when you travel to not only help you meet new people but also new things.

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