Tech Firm to Pay You $200,000 to Have Your Face Imprinted on Robots

The technology world is vast and has already taken over all of our lives.

What if you were paid to allow a company to use your voice and face for a robot that looks like a human?

It is impossible to believe that this is possible. This isn’t fake! !

A Russian robotics company will pay $200,000 for someone to use their face to create a robot that looks like a human. Promobot, according to a press release, is “looking for a face for a humanoid robotic assistant that will work in hotels and shopping malls.” Gizmodo reports that the company is willing to pay $200,000 to anyone who would like to retain the right to use one’s face for life.

Promobot stated in a statement that the company was working on technologies in the areas of facial recognition, speech, autonomous navigation and other areas of robotics. Promobot stated that since 2019, they have been manufacturing and supplying humanoid robotics to the market. To avoid legal delays, our new clients wish to launch a large scale project. They will need to licence a new robot appearance.

Promobot’s American client will use the robot assistant in North America and the Middle East. The robot’s “activities,” which begin in 2023, will be used by Promobot. The company has deleted the application and project from its website.

“Today, we received more than 20,000 applications. Our client has decided that the request collection will be suspended. Promobot has an update that says, “We want to thank all participants.”

How do you apply to a robot application at a tech company?

Follow the below steps to take part in Promobot’s use my face campaign.

  • First visit to project

  • Fill out the form.

  • It is important that you include your name, address, nationality, and any other personal information.

  • Also, you will be asked to justify why you think you are the best candidate for this job.
    An email confirmation will be sent to you regarding your application. They’ll keep you informed as the process progresses

1.5 crore rupees will be given to brave volunteers who consent to allow their faces to be used permanently. Promobot, a robotics company located in New York, is well-known for its frighteningly realistic humanoid robots.

Promobot Humanoid Robot Features

  • External Systems and Services Connection

  • Scanning documents

  • Communication and Answering Questions

  •  There are many languages that you can choose from.
  • Recognizing faces of people

  • Printing Coupons and Receipts

  • Photograph printing

  • The Access Card is issued.

  • Terminal to accept payments

  • Telepresence Option

This technology has many benefits

Many big businessmen are eagerly awaiting this technology. As technology becomes a centre for entertainment, this will lead to an increase in income. Technology will be the centre of entertainment in places like Airports, Hotels and Institutions.


To participate in the project, the person must be at least 25 years old.

What happens after a face has been selected?


After the face has been selected, the applicant must create a 3D model and a face for the robot’s exterior features.

Second step

The applicant must then ‘dictate at most 100 hours of speech material to copy the voice’.

Third step

The applicant will need to sign an agreement at the end of the process. This agreement will allow ‘the use of your appearance for an unbegrenzt period’.

This means that the applicant must sell digital or print copies of his face for an unrestricted period.

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