Step-By-Step Guide to Delete Just Dial Account for Businesses and Customers

If you don’t want to use Just Dial services, you can delete your account in just a few steps. Just Dial is an Indian web directory of service providers. You can create or modify your account information, browse local service provider listings, and get detailed information about them including their phone number and addresses.

How do I delete a just dial account?

Our step-by-step guide will show you how to easily delete Just Dial accounts.

If you are a customer:

  • Log in to the email account you have registered for the website

  • Send an email to

  • Please use the same subject line as “Request to delete my Just Dial account”

  • Send an email with the reason you want to delete your account

  •  Give your account details like user-id or email id, etc. For them to easily track your real account, give them the details.

  • Send the email

  • Wait for a response within the next 30 Days

If you’re a business owner:

  •  Log in to Your Just Dial Account


  • Click on Edit to search your listing

  • Select the option – This business has closed

  • You can email them, mentioning that you have all the information required about your business and account.

  • Just Dial will contact you to confirm your information and will remove your listing from their portal in the next 72 hours

Features of Just Dial

To make an informed decision about deleting your Just Dial account before you do so, it is worth learning more about the features. Below is the information:

Simply dial-sell or buy any product or services anytime, anywhere.

JustDial Omni offers the most flexible and advanced in-store billing system.

Website: Expand your market base by selling products through your website.

App- Get in touch with smart device users via the Android app

This portal is a bridge between customers and businesses, helping them find the products and services they need quickly and easily.

If you decide to stop using Just Dial for personal reasons, follow the steps below. Your account can be re-created as a business user or user at any time.

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