Simple and Easy Ways to Set the Clock on Samsung Microwave

People are always on the move and have little time to relax in today’s busy world. We show you how to set your Samsung microwave timer.

Just glance at your microwave as you prepare your breakfast, and it will tell you the time.

You will need to adjust the time manually for daylight savings or in case of power failure.

How can you set the timer for a Samsung microwave oven?

The time it takes to heat up your new countertop microwave (MG11T5018CC).

Set the microwave’s timer once it has been installed. Then, you can adjust it as necessary.

  • To set the time, press OK. Next, tap on the buttons left and right to adjust the hour.

  • To change the minute, tap on the left or right arrows then click OK.

  • The control panel displays the current time. When you use the microwave, the time will be adjusted to the cooking times.

Use the options button (ME21M706BA).

With a microwave, you can change the time in seconds.

  • Select the Option button

  • Next, click “9” on the number pad

  • Enter the current hour by pressing OK, then use the number pad to enter it

  • After you’re done, click OK.

Use Power Level (ME19R7041F).

Some microwaves have a hidden clock. You must enable this to set the microwave time.

  • For a long time, hold down the Power Level button.

  •  Use the number pad for the time.
  •  The Power Level button can be pressed once for AM, and twice for PM.
  • To confirm the time, click OK/Start.

Use My Settings (MC17J8000CS).

Some microwaves may have a My Settings button instead of the Options button.

  • Click on the button My Settings.

  • Next, click “9” on your number pad.

  • Next click OK to enter current time via number pad.

  • After you’re done, click OK

Clock button

These instructions apply to ME20H705MSS or ME18H704SFS microwave oven models. To view the time for other models, you can press the Clock button while cooking.

These models have their own clocks so you can set the time by pressing it.

  • Click on the Clock Button

  • Enter your time using the number pad

  • Next, click on the Clock button and choose AM or PM.

  • Enter/Start to confirm time.

These methods can be used to set the timer for your Samsung microwave.

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