Learn How to Remove Jio Caller Tune from the JioSaavn App

Music streaming apps are a big hit with music lovers. Music streaming apps allow users to listen to their favourite music and create their own playlist. JioSaavn is one of the most widely used music streaming apps. JioSaavn not only has songs in Hindi and English but also supports almost all regional languages.

We are happy to assist all users who wish to delete the Jio caller tune from the JioSaavn App.

Let’s first look at the history of this popular music app. Let’s get going, shall we?

JioSaavn was originally just Saavn in 2007 when it was established. The company has seen exponential growth over the years and acquired music rights in excess of 80 million INR in 15 languages. You can use the app for free, or you can upgrade to premium. The unpaid version allows users to listen to music without ads and other restrictions. The premium version has better streaming quality and can also be downloaded. Free service does not offer the option to download music for offline use.

JioSaavn was created to replace Saavn after Jio bought Saavn in December 2018. The acquisition cost $1 billion. Reliance Industries merged Saavn and JioMusic, which is Reliance’s digital music service.

How do I remove the Jio Caller Tune from the JioSaavn App?

These steps will allow you to deactivate or remove the Jio Caller song from JioSaavn.

  • Open the My Jio App.

  • The main interface of the app will display Music. Click on it.

  • The search bar will appear at the top. You will now see the current active caller tune at the top.

  • You will find an option to disable the active caller song next to it.

  • Just click it. You’re done!

  • A notification will be sent to you regarding the same.

This video demonstrates how to delete the Jio calling tune from JioSaavn.


It is easy to remove a caller song from the JioSaavn App and create a new one. A user can play unlimited music via the JioSaavn App. The JioSaavn is a great app for anyone who loves to groove to their favourite songs. You should also check out other music streaming apps such as Spotify and Apple Music.


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