How to Share YouTube Video on WhatsApp Status Without Link

WhatsApp introduced “Status”, which allowed users to share images and videos from their WhatsApp status. It’s that simple! Follow the steps to share YouTube videos via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp allows you to share the video either as a status message or directly through YouTube. There are two options. You can either post the YouTube link or continue reading to learn how you can share YouTube videos to your WhatsApp status without linking.

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Share your video status with WhatsApp without the need for a link

Mobile devices cannot adjust the video length or publish directly from their browsers. You will need to download the video to set this option. You can instead record the video using your phone’s camera, and then share it via WhatsApp status.

  • Locate the recorded video in the gallery. You can either download or record it.

  • Open WhatsApp.  From your Share menu, choose “share to WhatsApp”.

 Next, click on the “+Add” icon to access the status panel. Add the video to your status.

  • You can post status. The WhatsApp Status Editor will open. After you click the “Send” icon, you will see captions, text and other effects.

PS: WhatsApp restricts the size of video you can upload to status messages. WhatsApp restricts the size of videos you can share as status messages to 30 seconds.

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WhatsApp status – Share YouTube video to iPhone

  • Open YouTube from your Apple smartphone

  • Create a status update for WhatsApp with a video you’ve created.

  • Click on the share button. This button is right below the video window

  • Select WhatsApp from the options available and then send a YouTube video to your WhatsApp Status

It’s easy! Let us know if you have issues sharing YouTube videos via WhatsApp status without linking it. Our team will recommend software that has been thoroughly tested to share YouTube videos.

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