How To Make Your Phone Not Reachable With These Simple Tips

Planning a quiet family holiday? Are you tired of being interrupted by your boss? Working from home can make life difficult. It can be overwhelming to constantly work on your laptop while simultaneously answering calls. Holidays are filled with answering phone calls and trying to answer questions. We can help you plan a relaxing vacation and give you peace of mind. We know how to get a phone disconnected.

These are some simple tricks to make your Android phone unreachable

Turn on the Aeroplane/Flight mode

It is easy to make your phone unreachable by keeping it in flight mode. The network operator will detect that the phone is not in its coverage area and indicate to the caller that it is not reachable.

Manually select your network


Another trick that will make your phone unreachable is this one. Go to Settings>>>> Network Selection> Manual or Automatic. Wait for about 10-15 seconds before you choose the Network manually. Now, the phone will show you all available networks within reach. Your smartphone will now show the available networks within your reach.

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Modify the network mode


You can disable 4G LTE support on your Android phone if it doesn’t have a network, but your network does.

Forward your call to any landline number


Although this is a little complicated, it’s also quite simple. You can make a call to your phone number by forwarding calls to your network’s landline numbers. It will likely say that it is not reachable to this network right away.

Play Store: Third-party apps


To make your phone impossible to reach, you can download third-party apps like Phone Signal jammer and Call Blocker.

Block the Number


Google has recently added a call blocking function to Android phones that allows users to block calls from unknown numbers. Add the number that you wish to block, and it will do the rest.

Use the Sim Card Trick


The SIM card can be removed to make your phone impossible to reach. You can also remove the SIM card from your phone and then insert it back. Your number will not be accessible until your phone is restarted.

Take out the battery


To make your phone unreachable, you can turn off the phone’s battery. The message “The number you’re trying to call has been switched off” will appear when the phone is turned off. Although this may seem like a deliberate move, it is not. If you remove the battery, your phone will become unreachable or out-of-coverage.

After you remove the battery, your phone will automatically turn off. To verify, you can call your mobile number on any other device and check. This trick won’t work if you don’t keep track of the reason why you are taking out the battery.

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Wrap your mobile phone in aluminium foil


This DIY trick will make your phone unreachable. You can make your smartphone unreachable by wrapping it in aluminium foil. This will prevent the radio antenna from receiving any mobile networks.

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