How to Hide Mutual Friends on Facebook Android and iOS 2022

Facebook has added privacy features over time. The most important is the privacy setting for friends-list. This allows users to have full control of their profile. Facebook offers a friend list option, which is located on the user’s profile page below their cover photo. It is default set to show all your friends to anyone who views your profile.

If you do not want your friend list publicly displayed to the public, you can make privacy settings changes. To help users remain secure, the largest social networking platform offers many security options under privacy settings. You can hide your Friends list from the public, specific friends or everyone.

How to hide Facebook friends on Android

Any device can hide your mutual friend list on Facebook, whether it is an Android phone, iOS or desktop. You can hide the friend list even from a specific person or from all people except one.

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How to hide your Facebook friends from each other on Android

* Open Facebook from your Android phone

* Tap the Menu bar

* Scroll down and click on “Settings and Privacy”

* Click on “Who can see your friends?”  This tab is located under the header “How People Contact You” * 

Click Here to Tap on “Only Me”.


This will hide all of your friends from Facebook. Your Facebook friends will still be able to see the friends you share in common. If you do not want your Facebook friends to see the friends you share, you can request each friend to limit who can see their friends list to “Only me”.

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How to hide Facebook friends from each other


* Open the Facebook app

* Click on the Menu bar in the lower right corner of your Apple device

*  Scroll to the bottom of your main menu and click Settings

* Click on “Account Settings” and then on “Privacy”.

* Scroll down to tap on “Who can see your friends?”

* Choose ‘Only Me.

Save the settings and you’re good to go! !

How to hide your Facebook friends from Timeline


These steps will allow you to hide mutual friends from your Facebook timeline.

* Open a Facebook account

* Click here to go to Profile

* Go to Activity Log from there

* Tap here to tap on Friends. Next, tap on Friends.

* Click on “Save Settings”

You cannot hide all your mutual friends at once. This is why you need to repeat this process repeatedly.

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