How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire without Top Up 2022

Free fire lovers will know how important it is to have diamonds in a fire-free environment. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to get diamonds free of charge in a free fire.

Garena Free Fire players had previously been able to receive free diamonds by simply watching the rewarded ads. Players must first have Top-Up to get free diamonds.

You are correct if you think that you can still get free diamonds by using free fire. You can still earn free diamonds by using some tricks and hacks.

These tricks might not work for everyone, but they are worth a shot.

Hack for free fire airdrop

All free fire players should be familiar with RS.10 and RS. 29 fire airdrops are available. The package includes 100 to 999999 diamonds. You can get free character, gun skin, glow wall skins, bundles and more.

You can check the airdrop bundle offer by opening the offer section of your game. The problem is that not everyone will be able to get RS. 10, or RS. 20 Airdrop Offers

However, if you use the trick below, there is a good chance that you will be able to get them.  Follow these steps to do so:

  • Simply log out your main fire account and start using it from your phone.

  • Create a new free fire account by creating a Google account or a Facebook account.

  • After you have completed this, play at most 20 clash quad matches to try and make Boyea in every match

  • You will receive RS.10 and RS.15 when you begin playing. 29 airdrops will be added to your account

  • You can then purchase the airdrops for RS. 10, or RS.29

  • This will give you 300 diamonds free of charge in your free fire account

  • Continue to do this until you have purchased two or three airdrops for your free fire account.

  • You can transfer 10000+ diamonds to your main free-fire id once you have them.

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Booyah App: Get Free Diamonds

The Booyah app is a live streaming platform developed by Garena. You can host fire lives for free on various streaming platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. This app is free and allows you to make a channel and view other streamers.  Upload your best mast videos.


How can you get free diamonds with the Booyah App?

Officially, Garena runs a campaign called a Blue Zone Champion. This is for top free fire players. After the campaign ends, five winners are chosen and awarded diamonds. The following is the reward distribution:

3k diamonds for the 1st place winner

2k diamonds for the 2nd place winner

3rd winner: 1500 free diamonds

1200 diamonds for the 4th place winner

800 diamonds for the 5th place winner


How do I upload gaming videos to Booyah

  • Install the Booyah App and log in to the app with your Facebook account

  • Once you’re done click on the Blue Zone Champion Banner and upload the video clip.

Booyah also offers a limited-time or daily mission that will allow you to receive free diamonds. Completing the assigned missions will get you diamonds free of charge.

Online surveys offer free diamonds

You can also use online surveys to earn free diamonds. There are many websites and apps that offer surveys online.

Google Play store credit or money can be used to reward users who use the apps and websites. You can then use your Google Play store credit to buy diamonds

Take part in giveaways to win free diamonds

You can find giveaways on Instagram and YouTube. Participate in these giveaways to win free diamonds.

These are just a few of the tricks and methods that you can use to get free diamonds in a free fire. We would love to hear about any other tricks or methods that can be used for free diamonds in free-fire.


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