How to Find Someone on Facebook Using a Picture Easily?

Because searching by name isn’t very helpful, you may want to learn how to locate someone on Facebook with a photo. It is impossible to find the right person from the Facebook list if you search for the same name. If you have an image you can search for the person you are searching for. The article will discuss several ways you can do the same.

How to Find Someone on FaceBook Using a Photo

  • From your browser, go to the Google Images page

  • Find the photo on your device that belongs to the Facebook profile you are trying to locate

  • Drag and drop the image onto the Google images search bar

  • Google will begin searching for it

  • All profiles will be displayed on the resulting page, along with their websites.

  • Sometimes the same picture may be found on different websites or profiles. This is because people sometimes have multiple accounts with the same image. Fake accounts can also be created without permission.

  • If you are unable to identify the profile owner, contact him.

Use Photo ID

If you found the photo on Facebook, the following steps will apply:

  • Locate the file name for the image

  • The name of the image will include ‘fb.

  • There will be three sets, each separated with periods. The middle set will be highlighted.

  • This number is the Facebook profile ID for the user.

  • Type in the URL; the profile ID number)

  • Enter and the FB profile for the image owner will be opened

This method is limited by the privacy settings of the FB user. You can still try it.

Use Reverse Image Search

  • Visit

  •  Just click on the Camera icon at the top of the search bar
  • Upload the exact image from your gallery

  • Enter to see the results for this picture


Change the keyword to to get customised results. This will display images from Facebook, making it easier to search for your profile ID.

TinEye Method

This is similar in concept to Google’s reverse-image search.

  • Visit the TinEye Website

  • Copy the URL of the image, paste it in TinEye’s search box, or upload it from your gallery to the website

  • Enter

  • Links to all websites and profiles that use the image will be provided.

Bing Reverse Image search

  • Click on IMAGES in the Bing search engine.

  • Click on the camera icon to upload the photo

  • Enter

  • All information about the image will also be provided to you

  • To make the search, you can also copy the URL of the image.

  • Click on the Visual Search option to get assistance with the reverse search of any portion of the uploaded image

Using Mobile App

You can find reverse image search apps in the App Store and Play Store. The one that you like enough to do the job is the best. Upload the image to various search engines and scan the source. Online search engines will return similar images.

We hope this article has helped you find the best way to find someone on Facebook by using a photo. We would love to hear from you if there are any other ways of finding someone on Facebook.

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