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What if I told you that you can download Instagram photos from a private Instagram account and view them?

Do you believe me? I’m sure not. It’s not your fault. Fake websites and apps that claim to do this are responsible.

Here’s a site that will allow you to view and download IG photos and videos.

You can find out more about the website and how it works. Also, you will learn how to download private Insta photos.

Table of Contents

  • What are private IG photos?

  • How do we download Private Instagram Photos?

  • What is Instafinsta?

  • Instafinsta Features

  • How do I download private IG photos?

    • Download Private Instagram DP

    • How do I download videos, photos, reels, stories, and highlights?

  • Conclusion

What are private IG photos?

Private IG photos are photos, videos and reels that aren’t viewable unless they are followed. Your follow-request must be accepted by the other user. You cannot view the content of another user until you accept this follow-request.

How do we download Private Instagram Photos?

Many apps and websites claim to be able to download private Instagram images, but they fail. They will try to fool you. Many web developers have developed web solutions that allow you to download private IG images using better technology and Instagram loopholes.

Not just one site is reliable, but several. Of all the legit sites, I prefer “Insta Finsta.” This website is a must-have. Continue reading to learn more.

What is Instafinsta?


Instafinsta website: First glance

Instafinsta is a website that allows you to download Instagram content. You can download all Instagram content from it. You can download private IG photos. Instagram allows you to view and download nearly everything.

Instafinsta lets its users download private photos and reels along with other images and videos.

Instafinsta Features

These are the reasons you should choose Instafinsta over other apps and websites.

  • Private IG photos can be downloaded by any user.

  • Instafinsta allows you to download IG reels and videos, posts, photos and stories, DP Highlights, DP, Highlights as well as private reels, private DPs and private photos.

  • Insta Finsta is 100% free.

  • Because it’s a website and not an app, it saves space on your phone. You don’t need to download an additional app to download Instagram content.

  • You can download the original photos, videos, reels and other media in high quality.

  • You don’t have to log in, unlike other websites and apps.

  • Private users can also be given DP (Profile Image) ideas.

How do I download private IG photos?

There are three steps that you can follow to download private photos:


 Image to Download Private Instagram Images and Reels

  1. Click the menu bar on the Instafinsta site.

  2. You can choose to use the private tab for video/photo or private reels, depending on what you prefer.

  3. Copy the link to the reels or video and click on Open.

You have now downloaded your private photo to your device.

Notification: You can only download private photos/videos/reels if the link is copied by someone who follows that private user. You can however download the private DP from anyone without asking.

Download Private Instagram DP

Follow these steps to download your Private Instagram DP.


 Image to download private Instagram Profile Picture (DP)

  1. Go to Instafinsta on your mobile device and click the “DP” tab.

  2. Copy the URL for your private account’s profile. Don’t worry! You can copy the profile link of an Instagram user.

  3. Then, paste the link and click search.

You now have your private Instagram profile. These can be viewed or downloaded immediately.

How do I download videos, photos, reels, stories, and highlights?

You can simply copy the URL and download the photos. To download the photos, you can follow the exact same steps as if you were downloading a private IG profile.


Image to download non-private reels and videos, DP, photos highlights, stories, and more

  1. Copy the Instagram link for the photo, video, reels, stories or highlight.

  2. Select the tab that you wish to download. Highlight to download highlights and vice versa.

  3. Click the search button to download your Instagram photo, reel, video, story, or highlight.


Instafinsta allows you to download any Instagram photo. You can download anything from private DPs to private reels. You only need a link to a profile or post. It is completely free and displays very few ads. You don’t even need to sign in or download any app.

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