How To Charge A Phone Without A Charger?

Power cuts are already in effect as summer approaches. Power cuts can also bring about constant fluctuations, which can be fatal for our smartphones as well as our home appliances.

The decision to work from home to manage the increasing number of COVID cases only adds to the drama. Working from home requires that one is always available. It can also be difficult to charge smartphones and laptops when there are power outages. This article will help you to charge your phone with no charger, or to charge it when there is no electricity.

These are some ways to charge your phone without using a charger

Use portable chargers/power banks

Modern power banks are capable of fully charging your smartphone. Simply plug the charging cable into your power bank and then turn on your phone. When you travel, portable chargers can be your lifesaver.

Keep your power bank charged to ensure that your phone can be charged even if the power goes out.

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Use laptop’s USB port

To charge your phone, all you need is a USB port that’s compatible with your device. For a quick charge, you can plug your phone into your computer or look for alternate USB ports to charge your phone.

Use AAA battery

This method is a good option if you want to charge your phone without using a charger. The power from common household batteries is not the same as that from a wall outlet. Take out the battery. Get some AA, AAA, and 9-volt batteries. Next, determine the positive and negatively connected connectors for each battery. Next, match the voltage of your battery that needs to be charged with another battery.

Tip: This method is not recommended for charging iPhones.

Hand-crank chargers are recommended

Hand-crank chargers are a great alternative to power banks and portable chargers. They don’t require any electricity at all. They only require a little bit of handwork. You can charge your phone with a hand crank charger by plugging your charging cable into the charger. Then, turn on your phone and continue cranking until it reaches a charge.

Make use of your car

It’s a simple matter of course to use your car as an alternative. A car charger can be used to charge your phone in the car while it is idle. You can find the right car charger for your phone and use it to charge your device.

Solar-powered chargers are eco-friendly


Solar-powered chargers are an option if you want to charge your phone with no electricity. To work, it only needs sunlight. The sunlight charges the battery inside the unit and can then be used for charging the phone. Some solar chargers can charge your phone directly. Simply plug the charging cable into the charger, and your phone will charge.

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Use wireless charger


What happens if your phone’s battery runs low? You use wireless chargers. Wireless chargers are the only way to charge your phone without using a charger. This is the easiest method and doesn’t require any commitment on your part. Simply place your phone on the charging pad and wait for it to charge.

Wind turbines can be used

Wind is another way to power your phone. The technology behind wind turbines has advanced greatly. You can charge your phone using the K3 Wind or Solar Mobile Charger to recharge it with the wind. Even though they can be difficult to find, portable wind turbines are quite useful for charging phones even without an adapter or when there is no electricity.

There are many other ways to charge your smartphone, including the ones mentioned above. These include using your body heat, cooking heat, electricity converters, landlines, and others. Is there another way to charge your mobile phone than direct electricity?  We are open to your ideas and thoughts.. Let us know how you charge the phone without using a charger.

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