How Old is My Phone? Simple Tips to Find the Answer

What is the age of my phone?

Are you curious to find out the answer? Don’t worry. We are here to assist you.

It is possible that your phone was manufactured later than the model you purchased. Although every manufacturer is unique, there are some common areas that you can examine to determine the age of your phone.

How do I check the age of my phone?

Tip 1. Tip 1.

Motorola, OnePlus and other manufacturers include the manufacturing date on their boxes. Turn the box over to find the “date” on it.

Tip 2. Tip 2.

Manufacturers include the date in their settings. It may be located in different locations, but the most common place to locate the manufacturer date is under “About Phone”.

While some companies might mark the manufacturing date, others may use a serial number. Apple, for example, puts manufacturing details in their serial numbers. The digits 0 and 1 represent 2020 and 2021 respectively. The fourth and fifth digits indicate the week of manufacturing.

Tip 3. Tip 3. Use an app

You can search for a phone information app on Google Play and then download it. These apps are able to collect information such as serial numbers and IMEI codes. It is worth the effort, even though it might not work every time.

Tip 4. Tip 4.

If all else fails, you might want to check the manufacturing codes. These codes can be model-specific as well as OEM-specific. It can be difficult to use manufacturing codes for determining “how old is my smartphone”


You may get a response from some phones if you enter “*#197328640#*”, “*#*#197328640 or197328640 in the dialer. The phone will open a service menu. See Hardware Versions> To view manufacturing date.

You can also try “*#0000#” in the dialer if this fails.

Tip 5. Google

Yes. Google can also help you determine the age of your phone, just as you do with Google. To find out if Google has the information you require, simply Google the serial number or model.

This may not be possible, but you can still get an idea of the release date of your new phone. Your phone’s manufacturing date may be before or after the release date.


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