Here’s How to Know Missed Calls When Phone is Switched Off

Are you planning a family vacation? You want to get away from the constant work calls. You want to be able to just be you, but are worried about missing important calls or emergency calls. How can you tell if your phone has been switched off and missed calls? Don’t worry! It is possible to find out who called you when your mobile phone was turned off. This article will show you how to identify missed calls when your phone is turned off.

Allow missed call notification

These are the steps to enable missed call notification for your Android phone. This will let you know who called, and when it is turned off.

  • Go to the Settings

  • Click on Notifications

  • Scroll down until you find the Phone app. Tap Phone app.

  • Select Missed calls now

  • You can choose which notification type you prefer or toggle so that all grey is disabled

To enable Reminders

  • Return to the Notifications Page

  • Scroll to the bottom, and tap Notification reminder

  • You can toggle all apps on and off, or scroll down to choose Phone app and toggle it on or off

To activate the Contacts notification

  • These steps will activate Contacts’ notification:

  • Click on the Settings icon

  • Click on Apps

  • Click here to go to Contacts

  • Select Notifications now

  • Finally, activate Contacts’ Notification. Slide the cursor

Tip: Subscribe to missed call alerts from your network provider to find out who called you after your phone was turned off.

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You can find out how to view missed calls when your Airtel number is not available.

To activate this service, dial *321*800# code from your Airtel number

To disable the missed call alert service, dial *321*883# Code

How to activate Vodafone Idea’s miss call alert service

To see missed calls from your phone that have been disconnected, you can choose one of the following options.

To activate Vodafone’s

  • Missing call alert, dial: 12384

  • Miss Call Alert with USSD – *888*810#

  • Prepaid Miss Call Alert with SMS – Type “ACT MCI” and send it to: 144

  • Missing call alert for postpaid with SMS – Type “ACT MCI” and send it to: 199

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