Fix The Issue: Bank Server Unavailable in Google Pay

Google pay’s bank server is often unavailable. This is a common problem these days. Google Pay is without doubt the best UPI app. But, just because Google Pay is the best app does not mean that there won’t be any technical issues.

While you attempt to check your account balance or send payment, you may get a notification that the bank server is unavailable. You can also change your UPI PIN. This is not something to be concerned about.

Highlights from the article:

  • Why does Google Pay say bank servers are unavailable?

  • Types of bank server errors that are not available

  • How do I fix Google Pay’s bank server not working?

Why does Google Pay say bank servers are unavailable?

If you get a notification saying “bank server unavailable”, it could be that your bank is experiencing heavy traffic issues. The bank servers must be down.

All you need is a stable internet connection and the latest version of Google Pay app.

Google Pay can make errors when a bank server is unavailable for a variety of reasons.

Types of bank server errors that are not available

For UPI PIN Reset

An error message will appear saying:

You couldn’t reset your UPI PIN. Your bank server didn’t respond. There was an issue with the bank’s servers. Please try again”

Request for a bank balance

Your bank’s server failed to respond. Please try again later.

If you need to send payment

Your bank has stopped temporarily accepting payment requests. Please try again later.

If you’re trying to open a new bank account,

The bank server’s servers failed to locate the account. Please try again.

The question now is how do you deal with a Google Pay bank server that is not available in Google Pay?

Continue reading if you’re curious about what you can do.

How do I fix Google Pay’s bank server not working?


Clear cached data from Google Pay app

  • Go to the settings section of your device

  • Look for apps and applications now

  • Click on Apps and then search for Google Pay app

  • Open Google Pay and click on Storage Option

  • Click on the clear cache option to open it.

  • You can also clear the data

  • After clearing your data, you’ll need to log in to your Google Pay account once again

  • This will solve the problem of bank seper unavailable

Verify your internet connection

Strong internet connections are essential to make transactions and receive a response from your bank server. If your device cannot reach the bank servers, Google Pay will fail and you will receive a notification saying “bank server unavailable”.

You can avoid problems with bank servers being unavailable by having a strong and stable internet connection.

Cross check your details

Sometimes, if you enter incorrect details such as your UPI PIN number, you’ll see a notification that a bank server is unavailable.

Incorrect data could result in denial of all transactions and payments.

Restart your mobile phone

Accept the fact that we restart our devices whenever there is an issue with any app. This is also a good idea. You can resolve almost any issue by restarting your phone. These are the most common issues that can slow down your app.

Restart your device if you need to clear cached data. Your network connection will also be reset automatically when you do this. You know how to reset your phone, or any other device.

Update or reinstall your Google Pay app

Google Pay will not work properly if you don’t have the latest update installed. Make sure to use the most recent version of Google Pay app.

If the problem with the bank server unavailable is caused by an older version or Google pay app, the issue can be fixed.

You can update the Google Play app by going to the Apple store or Google payment store.

Take a break

After some time, you can try using your Google Pay app. You might not be able to complete your actions because the bank server is unavailable. This notification will appear if there is a lot of load on the servers.

Wait for a while, then try again later. Sometimes it may take several days to get to normal.

Get in touch with your bank

If none of these methods work, contact your bank. You can visit the nearest bank branch or call them at their toll-free number.

After you have tried all possible solutions to the problem, ask your bank for assistance. You will be offered different options, so follow their instructions.

This article will show you what to do if a bank server is unavailable for google pay.

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