Fix Google Play Error: Please Exit Any Apps That Might Be Drawing Over The Screen And Try Again

Google Pay gives all users a clear view of their total spending and savings. It is simple, effective, and secure.

Many people have complained about the Google Play app not functioning. GPay currently displays the “Please exit any other apps that may be drawing over your screen and try again” error message when users attempt to make any transaction.

Google Pay users are experiencing problems with failed verifications. Many users have problems setting up their Google Pay accounts after a reinstall. This is due to an OTP failing to get received.

How can you fix the “draw over other applications” error?

If you’re experiencing the “draw over other apps” error, you should make sure there are no other apps running on the screen with overlays. After you have verified that everything is correct, reboot your device.

Restart any apps that may be drawing on the screen.

  • Go to Security > Settings > Floating Windows

  • Fall apps with floating windows are now on the horizon

  • Do not forget to uninstall or turn off screen filter apps

  • Your virtual navigation keys might have to be turned off. To do so,:

  • Navigate to Settings > Convenience Aid > Navigation Keys

  • Turn on “Virtual Keys can be hidden”

  • You will now see a small down arrow to your left navigation keys

  • Set up Google Pay again

  • Use the navigation key to press the down arrow

Continue on to the setup screens

 How do I activate/disable the “Draw Over Other Apps” setting on Android?

  • Go to Settings

  • Scroll down to Apps

  • Click on the three dots

  • Tap on “Configure Apps”.

  • Select “Draw over Other Apps”

This will display a list of all apps with “Draw over Other Apps” permission. To see a list of apps that have Active “Draw over Other Apps” permission, select Show System Apps. To fix the “Screen Overlay Detected” error, disable “Draw Over Other Apps” permissions for all apps.

Some users have raised concerns about transactions that fail to appear on Google Pay’s ‘All transactions” list.

If you experience difficulties using your GPay account, don’t worry. Google has acknowledged that the issue exists and is working on possible solutions.

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