Find Out How To Send Apps via Bluetooth – It’s Easy!

The future of technology would be described in one word: “Wireless.” Bluetooth is a standard feature on most of our devices, making it easy to share files of all types. Do you know how to send Bluetooth apps? Although it may sound simple, it can be difficult as it involves some apps and tweaking the file type in order to send apps via Bluetooth between devices.

There are many benefits to sharing apps via Bluetooth. It doesn’t require WiFi or other data connectivity. Bluetooth is a great option if you need to download an app you like on a friend’s smartphone.

How do you send apps via Bluetooth

Bluetooth file transfer can be made possible using FTP, file protocol and OPP (object pushing profile). This type of transfer can be done between Android devices. Root access is required to transfer content to and from all Android devices. Root access cannot be granted. Content can only be moved between devices that are similar. Bluetooth sharing apps can compress files for easy transfer.

What apps can you use to transfer apps via Bluetooth

Let’s start with Bluetooth sharing apps for iOS. Bluetooth File Share is one of the most widely used apps for Bluetooth file transfers. Bluetooth FIleshare allows you to take your files with you anywhere, and you can share them between devices that have Bluetooth File Share. This paid app allows you to transfer nearly all file extensions.


Bump is a fun way to make file sharing more enjoyable via Bluetooth. You will need Bump installed on both devices in order to use it. You might be wondering what the fun part is. The connection between two phones is made when both parties hold the devices and bump their hands. You can now transfer contacts, photos and apps via Bluetooth.

Apps can be transferred between two devices using Bluetooth without the need to use any apps. Simply go to Bluetooth settings and search for the device to which you want to transfer the app. Then, select the device. The next step is to click on the files you want to send to the device. Any app that has been transferred via Bluetooth will be located under apk in the phone’s ‘Files’ folder.

Don’t you think it is so simple to transfer apps via Bluetooth? Although many people will argue that all apps can easily be downloaded online via Bluetooth, what do you do if your data connection is down or your WiFi isn’t working?

These tips will be very useful! Keep reading to find more tech tips.

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