Fastest Torlock Proxy and Working Mirror sites

Many users claim that using VPNs to browse slows down your download speed. As such, Torlock Proxy or Mirror sites are better choices.

Torlock is one of the most popular torrenting sites. It offers a huge selection of Movies and TV shows, Games, Movies as well as eBooks and Software users can download from the library. However, Torlock’s website is blocked by many ISPs. This means that users from many countries cannot access the P2P files. If you love Torlock and want to access its Contents in your area, then this is the place for you. We will provide alternative options for browsing Torlock and downloading torrent files, even if they are blocked in your region.

Torlock site blocked?

Two popular ways to unblock Torblock’s site are: Torlock proxy and mirror websites can be used to unblock Torblock’s website. However, they will have all data from Torblock on a different domain. VPNs can be used to encrypt traffic and route it through their servers if the proxy fails. The network does not know what sites you visit. The firewalls only see it as traffic coming and going from the VPN server, and not as a torrent or P2P connection. VPNs are also able to change your IP address so that you can access websites that aren’t accessible within your network.

Many people believe that VPNs can slow down your download speed. As such, Torlock Proxy/Mirror websites are better choices. These websites are clones or copies of the original website, which is maintained by Torlock volunteers or staff.

Are you ready for Torlock content access? We have created a list with 15 Torlock Proxy and Mirror websites that you can access through your browser.

15 Torlock Proxy and Mirror sites of 2020

S. No. TorLock Proxy/Mirror Status Speed
2 ONLINE Very Fast
5 ONLINE Very Fast
7 ONLINE Normal
9 ONLINE Very Fast
10 Proxy 1 ONLINE Slow
11 Proxy 2 OFFLINE N/A
12 Proxy/a> Very Fast Online
13 Proxy Very fast Online
14 Very fast Online
15 Very Fast Online


Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy.  This information is for educational purposes only.

Last words

Many people wish to download music, movies, TV series, books, and other content. Torlock is a tool that allows you to download content. However, some countries block it. Countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy and India, Denmark, Finland or Netherlands have blocked access to TORLOCK.

You can still access Torlock’s site even if Torlock’s content has been blocked. You can simply visit the sites using the mirror links above. The site and its contents can be accessed in your country. When you use mirror links, make sure to activate VPN.

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