Facebook Finally Has a Live Chat Support for Those Who are Locked Out of the Account

Meta, the social media giant formerly known under Facebook, recently announced some updates for its users. Meta will offer a live chat option for users who have been locked from their accounts.

The update is currently in testing and is available for use in the United States.

Meta is now working with creators to examine the feature. These creators don’t have a relationship manager assigned. The feature is currently only available to Facebook users who access Facebook via the Facebook app. For now, the feature to report problems via live chat is only available in the Facebook app.

Significance of this feature

For the first time, live support is available for accounts locked to Facebook. Facebook can lock an account and make it difficult for a user to access the account. Sometimes they don’t know who to contact. Sometimes, they don’t know who to reach.

Facebook did not offer a way to contact a support team so that they could find out the reason for their account suspension. The new feature will resolve the problem. This feature will open a chatbox for Facebook Support. The chat box will allow the user to communicate with customer support executives.

Meta announced in a blog that it had begun testing live chat support for English-speaking users worldwide. Meta stated that the chat service will help creators who are locked out of accounts or those without a relationship manager.

It added that “This first test focuses upon those who are unable to access their accounts because of unusual activity or whose accounts were suspended due to violation of Community Standards”.

What will this feature do?

This feature works in the event that you are blocked or lose access.

Facebook will display a pop-up that allows users to chat with customer service executives. These steps are required to activate the feature.

  • You will need to tap the “Chat to Us” option when you see the popup.

  • Once you click on the chat option, a new window opens.

  • The customer support executive will connect you.

  • You can chat with him here

  • Our customer support executives will assist you in restoring your account.

This is how the new feature works.

Other Facebook updates

Facebook changed its name to Meta in October. Facebook then came up with several other features.


Facebook’s content moderation tools

  • This tool allows users to ban certain keywords and block others.

  • It will provide a comment filter view

New rules for advertising on social issues

  • Ad runners will require proper authorisation

  • Disclaimers are required

  • It is mandatory to include the name of the person or organisation running the ads.

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