Different Ways on How to Connect Phone to TV Wirelessly

We can show you how to connect your phone to a television wirelessly. It doesn’t matter if your phone is an iPhone or Android, it’s easy to connect the phone to a television if you follow our instructions.

How do I connect my phone to my TV wirelessly?

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a media streaming device that allows you to mirror the content from Android devices to your TV. Google Chromecast can wirelessly connect your Android smartphone to a TV if a Micro HDMI port does not exist on your device.

Chromecast can do a lot more than just casting videos from YouTube or Netflix. When you connect the Chromecast dongle, the Google Home app will be installed to detect Chromecast. This will allow you to establish a connection and configure it.

Google Home will allow you to mirror your Android device to your TV using the Google Home app. For apps such as Netflix and YouTube, tap on the cast icon on your screen to cast.

Mirroring Android Screens

Android provides a screen mirroring feature for apps without the Cast button. This feature can be accessed via the Google Home app, or by going to the settings shade of your phone.


Google Play Store offers the Google Home app. Download it and install it. After that, launch Google Home. Sign in with your Google account to select the room, device and WiFi network you want to connect.

After setting up Google Home, tap the device that you want to cast. To mirror your content on your TV, tap Cast my Screen on your Android smartphone.

SmartView App

This applies to owners of Samsung Galaxy phones. To connect wirelessly to the TV, use the Smart View feature of your Samsung Galaxy phone. To connect your phone to the TV, choose the location you wish to see the screen and locate a screen mirroring device nearby.


Samsung Galaxy users can wirelessly connect to their Samsung Smart TV and cast or mirror content to it. If your TV supports Samsung-to Samsung mirroring, the Samsung smartphone can be connected to the TV. You can check if the TV supports mirroring by going to the TV’s Menu>Network>Screen Mirroring.

You can also open the settings shade of your smartphone to check for Smart View and Screen Mirroring. This will allow you to connect to the TV to cast the screen from the phone.


It’s a media streamer, which can be used to wirelessly connect your phone to your TV. It supports casting, and has an integrated screen mirroring feature.  It will not work on any Apple device.

Open Settings on your Android smartphone, and then tap Display>Cast. To make the connection, both the Roku device and your phone must be connected to the same WiFi network.


If your TV doesn’t support Samsung-to Samsung mirroring, you can stream media files to your TV using any DLNA app. The files must not be protected by Digital Rights Management (e.g. Netflix videos).

Other apps, such as AllCast or LocalCasts, stream music and videos to your Smart TV. AllCast lets you stream media files directly from Dropbox to your TV.

The Plex app can also be used to select the media that you wish to stream and then send it to your TV via DLNA.

 How do I wirelessly connect my iPhone with my TV

AirPlay allows you to share photos, music, and videos with your Apple device. From iPhone or iPad to TV. Both the TV and iPhone must be connected to the same WiFi network.

Apple TV

It’s a set-top box from Apple that can stream HBO and Netflix, as well as other services. It also plays games from the App Store and delivers music from Apple Music.


Apple TV supports AirPlay, which allows you to wirelessly connect your iPhone to the TV in order to stream audio and video content. The Control Centre allows you to connect the iPhone to the Apple TV over the Wi-Fi network.


You can connect your Apple devices wirelessly to your Smart TV if it supports DLNA.  Some DLNA compatible iOS apps include TV Assist, 8player Pro, ArkMC, etc

To learn how to use these apps with your TV, visit the websites of the app creators. Certain DLNA apps do not support DRM. You may not be allowed to download content with DRM from iTunes Store.

SmartView App

Connect your Samsung TV to your iPhone via the SmartView or Mirror apps. To use SmartView, download and install it on your iPhone. Open the app, and enter the code shown on the TV screen. The PIN will automatically connect the iPhone to the TV. Make sure that both your smartphone and TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

Google Chromecast

It works with both Android and Apple devices. It is nearly the same process as what has been described before.

HDMI is the most common way to connect your phone to a TV. You don’t need a cable to connect your phone to the TV. However, it is possible to use the internet to connect your phone wirelessly to the TV. You can also leave a comment below if you have other suggestions for connecting your phone to the TV wirelessly.


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