Delete Watched Video History on Facebook App: Save Your Privacy

Facebook users are often concerned about how to delete their Facebook video history. Facebook is known for keeping users’ data. This could prove to be dangerous for many. It is best to delete the watch history as soon as possible.

Facebook’s Rise is Due to Changes

Facebook is much more than a place to share updates, post memes, and exchange messages. Facebook has become an entertainment platform for many people, as there are multiple ways to search for videos. Facebook Watch receives around 1.25 million visitors per month and gives them access to a variety of videos, including TV shows, live events, music, or news videos.

Important to delete watched video history

Similar to Youtube, this social networking site stores video activity. You can access the Activity Log via the settings page. The entire list of videos that you have viewed so far would be available to view. The maker claims that you only have the ability to see the history of videos you’ve watched, but it is best to delete the history if this is something you are concerned about.

In the event that your account was hacked, you would not be able to access any of your video history. There may be other reasons that you are able to identify. Although it’s not difficult to find the history, Facebook has made changes to its user interface that led to page layout changes. A tutorial may be helpful.

How do I delete watched video history on Facebook?


Let’s take a look at the steps to do the same.

  1. Log in
  2. Click on the Account dropdown button (Hamburger button/icon).

iii. Choose Settings & Privacy>Settings

  1. Scroll down to select Activity Log
  2. Scroll down to click the drop-down menu of Logged Actions or Other Activity
  3. Watch Videos that you’ve seen

vii. vii.

It is not possible to delete all history of videos from the Facebook app at once. However, it is possible to do it from a laptop or computer that you log in via the website. To delete all history from your mobile, you can use the browser to log into the site.

It’s easy to do and you won’t have any problems with how to delete your Facebook video history.  Thank you for using this tutorial. Please leave feedback. In a similar manner, you can also delete all search activity. If you need more How-To tutorials for Facebook or other social networks, let us know below.

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