Best App to Watch IPL Live free 2022

Cricket is a feeling for most Indians. The entire nation cheers on our Men in Blue when they are playing on the field.

Every cricket fan eagerly awaits the IPL, an annual grand cricket event. IPL is so popular that pubs and restaurants host special screenings for a month. Every cricket fan loves to ride the waves of the IPL.

You can also watch IPL 2022 live via an app from your home.

We’ve compiled a list with the top apps that allow you to view IPL live in 2022 for absolutely free.

  • Disney + Hotstar-This one is still a crowd favourite for watching sports channels. Not only can you watch IPL, but also a wide range of other sports. It is available for free and requires no subscription. The highlights of matches can also be viewed.

  • Top TV – Top TV was developed by THOP TV Technologies ltd. It streams live and allows you to watch highlights as well as matches. You can access over 10000+ channels on this app for free.

  • Pocket TV – This app allows you to stream IPL matches even if your internet speed is slow. You can also access 10000+ channels, which offer a wide range of movies and games.

  • HD streamz- HD streaming is an app that allows you to watch live IPL matches. It is easy to use. You can access multiple sports channels, including Star Sports IPL.

  • AOS TV – This app is hands-down the fastest streaming app available on the market. The only problem is the inability to view the highlights of matches. It makes up for this with its speed and ease-of-use.

  • WSS TV – This app streams only sports channels. You can view all sports channels, from Star Sports HD to Ten Sports HD. For registration, the app will ask you for your Gmail account. Free access to any sports channel is available.

  • Red Box TV – This app offers content from around the world and more than 5000 channels. It’s very easy to use. It is easy to download and you will be taken straight to the dashboard. Here you can access all IPL matches.


These apps allow you to watch live IPL matches free of charge. These apps are available for free and don’t require registration. What are you waiting to do? Get your favourite app now and cheer on your favourite team

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