AvaxHome Proxy and Mirror Sites in 2020

AvaxHome offers a staggering number of ebooks for free. It is an enormous library of premium ebooks, scientific journals and audiobooks. There are also novels, academic papers, notes and other useful information. All of these can be downloaded free. Simply search for your ebook by author, language, and ISBN. AvaxHome is a great resource for students and researchers who need to quickly download nuanced learning materials. Its main domain has been blocked in many countries due to its ability to distribute these ebooks free of charge without permission from copyright holders. AvaxHome proxy or mirror sites are the best way to unblock it. These are what? Continue reading…

What are AvaxHome Proxy Sites and Torrent Mirror Sites, you ask?

All of us know that torrent sites of all colours are facing a flurry of bans around the globe. Copyright owners have been slapped with bans by ISPs and government agencies. Sites such as AvaxHome have also been subject to this brutal onslaught. They have since been geo-restricted across several countries. Many users have taken to social media sites such as Reddit, Facebook and Twitter to voice their concerns or find an alternative site. However, it has not been successful.

AvaxHome now has a premium based website called Icerbox.com, which hosts all of its data. Icerbox, however, is a premium site. Many users (read: students) may not be able to afford to download premium ebooks.

AvaxHome proxy sites and torrent mirror websites are the best alternatives. These sites are merely clones of the original site, but host the entire data, library and index on different domains. They are safe because they are maintained by AvaxHome staff and large webmasters who support free internet for all.

Is there another way to unblock AvaxHome?

There are many ways to access Avaxhome. One of these is using a VPN (Virtual private Network). VPNs mask your IP address and route your traffic through its servers. Premium VPNs are expensive and notoriously slow down download speeds. These proxy/mirror websites, however, do not have such restrictions.

Here is a list of top-rated AvaxHome proxy sites and mirror websites that can unblock your country’s main domain without the need for any additional service. You can now download tons of ebooks and audiobooks on your favourite topics for free. Let’s get going, fellas.

The Best AvaxHome Proxy Sites and Torrent Mirror Sites List for 2020

S. No. Avaxhome Movies Proxy and Mirror Sites Status Speed
1 avaxhome Proxy 1 Online Very Fast
2 avxhome.unblocker.xyz Online Very Fast
3 avaxhome Proxy 2 Online Very Fast
4 avxhome-mirrors.pw Online Very Fast
5 unblocksites.co Online Very Fast


Disclaimer: We don’t promote piracy.  This information is only for educational purposes.

These proxy/mirror websites allow you to access AvaxHome’s content even if it has been blocked by your ISP or regional government. You don’t need any fancy software or dubious scripts in order to unblock the main domain.

That’s it! Bookmark this page, I think. We keep adding new AvaxHome proxy/mirror sites to this page as soon as they become available. If you have trouble accessing other torrent sites, please see the links below.

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