15+ Best Free xHamster Proxy and Mirrors of 2021

xHamster is a popular smut site for fetish fans of all colours. Despite being up against stiff competition from PornHub xHamster has managed to hold its own thanks to a large user base. The site’s interface is very user-friendly and allows you to stream full HD adult videos without any hassle. However, xHamster is now geo-restricted in many countries, including India, China and Bahrain. Many believe that Australia and the UK may be next on ISPs’ radar. Fortunately, these bans can be circumvented using xHamster proxy or mirror sites. If you’re looking for an easy way to bypass www.xhamster.com’s main domain, stay tuned.

What is xHamster Proxy?

ISP bans have been imposed on a variety of torrent and adult entertainment sites since the introduction of censorship. Several countries have ordered ISPs blocking a number of porn sites, including xHamster. Undeterred by these bans, the official staff of https://www.xhamster.com launched a string of new URLs that will unblock the main domain even if it’s geo-restricted in your country.

These sites, which are clones of the main domain, host the entire adult video library and index on their respective domains. These sites also use the same server that xHamster.com, so you can enjoy super-fast streaming/download speeds reminiscent of the olden days.

You could also opt for a premium VPN service that will allow you to bypass www.xhamster.com. A good VPN service will mask your IP address and hide your browsing activity from unreliable ISPs. It will route your web traffic through its servers, thus keeping you anonymous online.

VPNs can inadvertently slow down your download and streaming speeds. This could eventually lead to you being unable to access the internet. You wouldn’t want this, would you?

Proxy and mirror websites are the best way to unblock xHamster in your country. Below is a list of the top xHamster proxy/mirror sites that I believe will work in 2020. They will not only allow you to unblock the main site but also protect your privacy online. Let’s get going, guys.

xHamster Proxy Lists of 2021

S. No. xHamster Proxy and Mirror Sites Status Speed
1 xHamster Proxy Online Super Fast
2 xHamsterProxy 2 Online Super Fast
3 xHamsterProxy 3 Online Super Fast
4 xHamsterProxy 4 Online Super Fast
5 xHamsterProxy 5 Online Super Fast
6 xHamsterProxy 6 Online Super Fast
7 xHamsterProxy 7 Online Super Fast
8 xHamsterProxy 8 Online Super Fast
9 xHamster Proxy 9 Online Super Fast
10 xHamster-Proxy 10 Online Super Fast
11 xHamster Proxy 11 Online Super Fast
12 xHamster-Proxy 12 Online Super Fast
13 Xhamster-Proxy 13 Online Super Fast
14 xHamster_Proxy New Online Super Fast
15 xHamster_Proxy India Online Super Fast
16 xHamster_Proxy USA Online Super Fast
17 xHamster_Proxy Free Online Super Fast
18 Xhamster Proxy Website UK Online Super Fast


Disclaimer: These sites are not permitted or hosted by us. If you visit these sites, we are not responsible for any legal consequences.  This information is for educational purposes only.

How can I unblock XHamster?

Simply type the URL into your browser’s address field to check if xHamster has been blocked in your country. A message will appear on your screen, which looks something like the following:

“Your requested URL was blocked according to the instructions received from the Department of Telecommunications Government of India.”

This message suggests that your ISP is working in concert with your local government. Click on the links above to unblock xHamster. You will be safely redirected via proxy/mirror sites.

These xHamster proxy websites are regularly updated with the most recent raunchy video clips as soon as they are available on your favourite site, xHamster.com.

You should check out the top NSFW subreddits on the internet. You will be hooked.

That’s it! Bookmark this page to keep updated about new proxy/mirror websites. We are constantly adding new xHamster alternatives to this list. If you have trouble accessing other popular adult websites, please refer to the links below.

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