Taking care of our patients is our main need. It is our expect to ensure you feel consoled and dealt with. From the second you enquire about our administrations, you will be taken care of by one of our agreeable and inviting group. Whether going to for a Ultrasound Scan, Pain Medicine and Injection Therapy administrations or Physiotherapy, you will be in the best of hands.

Why Bothwell Medical Rooms?

Caring for our patients is our main need. It is our intend to ensure you feel consoled and dealt with. From the second you show up, you will be taken care of by one of our agreeable and inviting group. During your therapy with us at you will be treated with sympathy and respect. Your solace and simplicity are our need, and we are focused on giving the absolute best persistent consideration, whether going to for a ultrasound check or actual restoration administrations.

Torment Madician

At Bothwell Medical Rooms we offer quick admittance to private meetings with expert agony medication advisors for all parts of constant torment the executives, including prescriptions, non-drugs, infusions and exhortation on all encompassing methodologies.

Our Philosophy

Bothwell Medical Rooms is focused on giving excellent short term active recuperation administrations in gorgeous cutting edge offices.As a medical care pioneer we join forces with gatherings and occasions inside the networks we serve. Our attention on our actual advisors proceeding with instruction is unrivaled and ensures our actual specialists comprehend and try state of the art medicines and restoration strategies accessible for a wide range of wounds and conditions.

Our Mission

We are committed as essential medical care experts to assist our clients with continuing their deep rooted quest for wellbeing, wellness, and prosperity.

Superior grade

We adopt an objective situated strategy to recuperating. Anything that your objectives could be we need to assist you with accomplishing them

Patient Care

We’ll give active treatment in the workplace and training you can bring back home with you. Empowering you to turn into a functioning member in your recuperation and future actual wellbeing.

Proficient Service

Our five actual specialists have a joined 120 years of clinical experience and a common energy for assisting our local area with remaining dynamic

Physiotherapy pathways custom fitted to you

With assistance from our in-house group and accomplice centers across the area.Injuries come in many structures and can influence any piece of the body. Some are gentle injuries or types of joints and muscles, like lower legs and thighs. Or on the other hand you might have a more serious re-happening back problem.Whether by our in-house physio group or our accomplice physiotherapy facilities. The significant element is acquiring the right finding as quick as possible.Whether you’re a normal golf player, jogger, or footballer. Or on the other hand you essentially visit the rec center a few times per week. Right guidance and individual recovery are essential to any recuperation plans.Whatever you do, at anything that level, our point is to work with master treatment and counsel. Assisting you with recuperating to a superior degree of wellbeing and wellness.

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